Winter warmers: puffer vests and jackets for kids


Winter warmers: puffer vests and jackets for kids

Cold weather shouldn't mean that your little ones are stuck inside where you have to entertain them for hours on end. With the appropriate layers of clothing, you can send them on their way to enjoy the outdoors (and give you time to relax a little yourself). A coat could end up ruined, so puffer jackets are here to save the day! They're light and durable, making them perfect for those fun play dates or chaotic visits to the park.

When you think of a puffer jacket, you may imagine a boring, slightly ugly clothing item, but there's a great selection of styles for all occasions. From velvet and sparkles to bright and vibrant colours, here are some kids' puffers that both you and the children will love.


Pictured, left to right: Cotton On Kids Laura puffer jacket, Country Road Velvet puffer jacket, Seed Heritage puffer vest, Cotton On Kids Davina puffer jacket, Cotton On Kids Rose Reversible puffer vest.


Pictured, left to right: Country Road padded parka, Country Road longline puffer, Cotton On Kids Flynn puffer jacket, Seed Heritage puffer jacket, Seed Heritage Novelty puffer vest.

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