Curls get the girls: The best curling iron tips and tricks


Curls get the girls: The best curling iron tips and tricks

A curling iron or curling wand has long been a non-negotiable tool in any beauty junkie's kit. They're used in the mornings for a quick wave refresh before work, as well as on Saturday nights, when nothing else will suffice except a full Victoria's Secret-inspired curl.

If you use your curling wand every day or every week, chances are you've become so used to it that you can operate it almost on auto-pilot. You separate your hair in the same way, curl the same way and brush the same way. But did you know the humble curling wand is capable of so much more?

Here are a few of our favourite tips, tricks, hacks and important things to remember.

We love Blake Lively with a soft, ladylike wave!

Image via @blakelively on Instagram.

Size matters

Looking for a bouncy, natural wave? You're going to want a wider barrel of around 1-2 inches. Prefer a tighter curl, or like to amplify your natural spiral curls? Opt for a narrow barrel.

Vertical vs horizontal

Did you know the angle of your wand will determine the curl you'll achieve? Hold the wand vertically for a natural, looser curl and horizontally for a tighter curl.

Say no to the clamp

If you prefer a bouncy wave over a typical curl, but can't seem to manage it with your traditional curling iron, it's probably the clamp's fault. Try squeezing it open and using only the rod, rather than clamping it down on your hair, or consider purchasing a wand instead.

Beyonce, queen of the fierce spiral curl.

Image via @beyonce on Instagram.

Stick to the mid-lengths

Another great way to achieve that messy "bend" in the hair we see on most celebs and bloggers is to avoid curling the top or bottom section of the hair. Take your 1-2 inch piece of hair and wrap it around the curling wand once, at the middle only. Hold for a few seconds and release.

Tame those flyaways

This genius invention does so much more than create curls! If you're prone to flyaways, take your hot curling wand and smooth it over the top layer of your hair. You can also tidy up your look by taking small sections of hair and running the wand down each of them.

Perfectly timed curls

It turns out the closer to the root you curl your hair, the longer it will last. If you want your curls to drop out quickly to a wave, curl just the end. If you'd like them to last the day, curl from the mid-lengths down. If you're prepping for an event the following day and want to sleep in the curls, curl your hair pageant-like in tight curls to the roots. We promise it will look great in the morning!

Both Kendall and Kylie Jenner pull off the messy, tousled bob to perfection.

Image via @kendalljenner on Instagram.

Curl then pin

Another method for extending the life of your curl is by using bobby pins. As you curl each piece of hair, wind it up and pin it to the top of your head. This means the curl will cool and set in that shape, reducing the chance of dropping out. Go one step further by spraying with hair spray before undoing.

Spiral twist = clean curls

Curling large pieces of hair usually results in a natural, bouncy wave, but what do you do if you're after a clean, neat curl? It's all in the twist! Take your piece of hair and twist into a tight spiral before wrapping around the curling wand.

It's all in the shake (or rake)

For a cool-girl, lived-in natural wave, it all comes down to how you treat your hair once you've curled it. For this look, brush out with a wide-toothed comb, or tip your head over and rake the curls out with your fingers. If you have tight spiral curls, you can tease them from the bottom up. Finish with a texture spray or dust.

Ready to create your perfect head of curls? Here are a few of our favourite tools and styling products to get you started.

Pictured, left to right: Babyliss Pro Siren Ceramic Waving wand from Price Attack, The Body Shop detangling comb, bumble and bumble All Style Blow-Dry from Mecca Maxima, LUSH Curly Wurly Conditioning shampoo, Silver Bullet Fastlane conical curling iron from Price Attack, Lady Jayne bobby pins from Chemist Warehouse, The Ouai Finishing Creme from Sephora.

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