Sugar Puff, Sweets & Collagen Series


Sugar Puff, Sweets & Collagen Series

Sugar Puff has arrived to Garden City, bringing with it a delicious array of Japanese desserts and delicacies to please those sweet palates.

From decadent cakes topped with ornate fondant gracing the cabinets, to the fragrant wafting of egg waffles baking, this Instagramable dessert haven is the perfect place to unwind post shop for a hit of sugary goodness.

The cherry on top of a delicious menu is the specialty Collagen Series, highlighting peach gum as an natural stimulant to maintaining youthful skin.

Loaded with collagen, galactose, rhamnose and amino acids, peach gum is a resin from peach and Chinese wild peach trees and is thought to sustain supple skin by improving skin elasticity and reducing signs of aging.

Picture Credit: @angelouiseeats

Enjoy your daily dose of collagen over an range of delicious flavours including the popular Brown Sugar Au Lait (pictured), Creamy Lychee Oolong Tea or the refreshing Guava & Lime Oolong Tea.

Those that love a rich creamy texture will delight in the Yogurt & Collagen choices available, which include the Rose Yogurt Au Lait, White Peach Yogurt Au Lait and the Coconut Yogurt Au Lait or indulge with the Canton Collagen Sweet Soup which is bound to brighten your skin (and your day - did we mention it's delish?)

Skincare enthusiasts can also enjoy a boost of collagen added into your favourite beverage for $2 extra, a small price to pay for youthful skin.

Picture Credit: @simplyshiels_

View the entire menu and schedule your sweet treat with a visit to Sugar Puff at Garden City.