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Since 1976, L’Occitane has been imagining, producing and selling beauty, skincare and wellbeing products with an intention to share nature’s wonders with the world. We are cultivators of change. Committing to protecting this nature and the people around was an obvious choice. We made sure we worked fairly with our producers, we invite customers to bring back their empty bottles in order to recycle them, and source the most natural ingredients we can without harming the biodiversity. Our natural beauty products respect the commitments we stand by and give back to the heart of our products.

Respecting biodiversity

Since 1976, L’OCCITANE has been protecting the richness of our lands and we are committed to defending biodiversity for the generations to come. We celebrate nature and our mission is to give back to it. Wherever we can help maintain the diversity of ecosystems, working with key players, and implementing concrete actions, that’s where we’ll be. Discover the products sustainably sourced from mother nature herself that come as no cost to the environment.

Up until the 50s, the almond tree was a strong symbol of the Provençal landscape. But then almond cultivation was abandoned to make way for more profitable crops, and soon the tree had virtually disappeared from the region. We are committed to sourcing almonds from Provence in order to help bring back the traditional production of almonds. Our producer Jean-Pierre Jaubert has replanted over 22,000 almond trees with typical Provençal varieties of the Valensole region since 2002 and supports sustainable agricultural practices by only using organic and biological fertilisers to looking after the local biodiversity.

Reducing waste

L’OCCITANE truly commits to reducing waste and recycling as a brand locally and globally. We want to create a circular economy with the help of involved and innovative partners, multi-brand initiatives, but also and above all, our consumers. We have set a global goal to use 100% recycled plastic in 100% of our products by 2025. Discover our sustainable and plastic-free beauty alternatives including eco-refills, solid shampoos and soap bars.

Supporting producers

Our relationship with our producers is precious. They're the ones who grow the locally sourced, traceable and natural ingredients that lie at the heart of our products. Our aim is to finalize fair-trade certifications with all our producers of iconic ingredients by 2025, just like we did for our Fair Trade* shea butter supply-chain in Burkina Faso. Discover our ethically sourced beauty products and the stories of our producers behind our most-loved ranges.

We currently work with a dozen producers and distillers in Corsica to grow, harvest and distil the precious immortelle flowers, with contracts covering several years. Immortelle grows wild in Corsica, but it would be risky (and unsustainable!) to harvest and use the wild plant. So, in 2004, we launched our immortelle plantation programme. 50 hectares were planted! We work with several producers in Corsica. They grow immortelle organically, and their contracts with L'OCCITANE cover several years.

Empowering women

At L’OCCITANE, we believe in gender equality and empowering women to achieve their goals. Our organic Shea Butter is produced by women in Burkina Faso. Through the L’Occitane Foundation, they have supported over 42,000 women in Burkina Faso, who work to produce our shea butter ingredient. Discover the products enriched with this ingredient known as 'women's gold' in hand care, body care and face care ranges. Without L'OCCITANE's commitment, more than 3.7 million women would still live in a state of poverty in Burkina Faso.

Vegan products

Discover favourite vegan beauty products, 100% free from animal products or by-products. With over 40 years of formulating award-winning beauty products, inspired by the Provençal art-de-vivre, our products offer true moments of daily wellbeing. This collection of vegan products offers a celebration for your skin, your hair and your body, and come from best-selling ingredient ranges such as Almond, Verbena and Lavender.

Clean Charter

We have been and will always be deeply committed to consumer safety and limiting our impact on the environment at every stage of the product life cycle. Our Clean Charter criteria highlights an increased commitment to creating formulas with even more natural-origin ingredients (for leave-on products) and readily biodegradable ingredients that minimise our environmental impact (for rinse-off products), without any compromise on the efficacy of the product.

Shop what matters to you at L'Occitane.

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