Behind the Counter: Secrets Shhh


Behind the Counter: Secrets Shhh

Meet Secrets Shhh

Step behind the counter and discover secrets behind Secrets Shhh.

We spoke to Jen, the owner of Secrets Shhh at Westfield Garden City.

How did you get started at Secrets?

John, my husband, and I have had our Secrets stores for 15 years. We own both the Secrets Garden City and Secrets Chermside. We fell in love with the business when we saw the first Secrets store in Noosa in 2001. We were so impressed, that I left my job with Qantas as a flight attendant and my husband John left his job as a property manager, and we haven't looked back!

Why is Secrets so unique?

Secrets is the home of the diamond alternative. It’s a man-made stone that looks just like a natural diamond but at a fraction of the price, so you can wear it every day and no one will know your secret! It is about making jewellery affordable for all women, so they can have the look and beauty of a natural diamond without breaking the bank.

What is something not many people may know?

Secrets is an Australian company which started in Noosa in 2000.

Tell us an interesting story as to why a customer has bought a piece of jewellery?

We once had a specialist doctor leave her natural diamond engagement ring in her car whilst she went to yoga. Unfortunately, she didn’t lock the car and the car was broken into with her engagement ring taken. She was too worried to tell her husband what had happened, so she came in and got an exact replica from Secrets and now it’s her secret.

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