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Zone Bowling

With hundreds of bowling centres around the country, ZONE BOWLING is always nearby. Visit them for a unique mix of bowling, amusement games, laser tag and delicious food and beverage options to suit everyone!

Open until midnight!

Timezone and Zone Bowling will stay open until midnight every night.Be sure to park nearby so you don't miss out on the action. See best parking here.

While the rest of the centre sleeps, Timezone and Zone Bowling are very much at play. Best access after 10pm will be through the auto-doors next to Pancake Manor and the Busway.

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Thu 19th Sep


Fri 20th Sep


Sat 21st Sep


Sun 22nd Sep


Mon 23rd Sep


Tue 24th Sep


Level 2

Near the Food Court

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Enter via MacGregor St, turn right towards Red Car Park