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Behind the Counter: Chatime

Bubble Tea, also known as Boba, is Taiwanese drink that originated in the 1980’s, consisting of milk tea and chewy tapioca balls, which are more commonly called pearls. It has increased in popularity during recent years, becoming a favourite for many and earning itself a cult following.

Bubble Tea is available in numerous flavours, including ones without milk, and you can add a variety of exciting toppings to your drink. There is a common misconception that the name "bubble tea" refers to the appearance of the pearls, but it actually refers to the bubbles in the milk froth that form when the drink is shaken.

We spoke to Janell from Chatime to learn all about our Bubble Tea drinkers at Westfield Garden City, and to see what she recommends!

What’s your favourite Bubble Tea?
Strawberry Green Tea - a floral green tea with a fruity strawberry flavour.

What’s the most popular Bubble Tea ordered by Westfield Garden City customers?
Lychee Green Tea – enjoy a touch of tropical fruitiness.

What’s the most popular topping ordered by Westfield Garden City customers?
Pearls - which are small tapioca balls made from cassava root. They are usually cooked in sugar or a syrup to make them sweet and chewy, and can be mixed into hot drinks as well.

Do you have any top tips for picking a Bubble Tea flavour?
Always add pearls!

What drink order would you recommend for a first time Bubble-Tea drinker?
Premium Pearl Milk Tea - a best-selling fan favourite, the tapioca pearls add a pleasant texture to this signature milk tea.

What’s the most unusual Bubble Tea order you’ve received?
Peach Green Tea with 7 different toppings!

What are the different types of Bubble Tea toppings available at Chatime?
Lychee Jelly, Coconut Jelly, Rainbow Jelly, Aloe Vera, Grape Jelly, Pearls, Popping Pearls (Strawberry, Mango and Apple), Custard, Herbal Jelly, Red Bean, Matcha Mousse and Original Mousse. 

Chatime also have a wide range of tea flavours available, including milky tea, fruity tea, hot tea, cream mousse tea and frost-tea. They also offer no-sugar and lactose free options. Check out for their full menu.

Are there any exciting new menu additions at Chatime?
We currently we have a Double Pearl Frozen Tea, available with dairy or soy milk. This drink has all the perks of our Premium Pearl Tea, made with fresh cream and milk - it's like vanilla ice cream in a cup with double pearls for a surprise with each sip.

Are you a Bubble Tea lover? Or are you thinking about trying it for the first time? Head to Chatime to get your! You can find them on Level 1 near the Food Court, or Level 2 next to Town Square.

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