Introducing the Grilled Cheese Duo the Melt Brothers


Introducing the Grilled Cheese Duo the Melt Brothers

What more can a person need in life than a nice and cheesy toasty? The Melt Brothers are now open at Westfield Garden City and we had some questions for the pros and they delivered with tasteful answers. Check out what the pros had to say with a Q&A below.

Q: What is the secret to making the perfect grilled cheese toastie?
A: There are 3 pivotal parts to making the perfect grilled cheese…

1) The Bread- You don’t want a bread that’s too soft otherwise, it won’t give you that crunchiness it needs. We use a white sourdough loaf…. Which gives us the perfect balance!

2) The Cheese- You need a cheese that gives you great flavours but also melts well, that’s why we use cheeses such as: American cheddar, Mozzarella, Havarti etc. Others, such as parmesan and pecorino, although taste great- should actually be avoided as they don’t melt very well.

3) The Temperature & Time- It is crucial to have the temperature and time combination set correctly for the type of grilled cheese you are making. If you have it too cold, the cheese won’t melt properly. If you have it too hot, the bread will burn yet the filling will still be cold. You really got to find that perfect balance.

Q: When did your love for cheese begin?
A: Ever since we were kids…. We literally grew up with jaffles. As kids, we played a lot of sport. Felix in particular would have 8 to 10 swimming training sessions a week and thus was not only time poor but also had a big apetite. Due to this, we would have to make snacks between meals just to keep us going and at that age, there was nothing better in this world than a hot jaffle filled with whatever we had left in the fridge and a whole bunch of melted cheese!

Q: What’s one thing on the menu people have to try when coming to Melt Brothers?
A: hmm. That’s a very hard question to answer. We have a whole bunch of grilled cheese variations on our menu that people should/need to try. BUT if I had to, I would recommend the “MC Cheesy”- Maple Bacon, Mac and Cheese, Cheddar Cheese and Chipotle Mayo. It’s by far one of our most popular items at our Gresham Lane store in Brisbane CBD. And secondly (sorry I couldn’t help myself), I would recommend our “BFC”- Buttermilk Fried Chicken, House-made slaw, Cheddar Cheese and Buffalo sauce.

Q: What’s an unusual grilled cheese combo that really works?
A: We have a grilled cheese special that we throw into the mix every month. One of the most unusual yet mouth-watering grilled cheese combo was our Mie-Goreng Crazy Grilled Cheese Sandwich. We invented this a few months ago, it had: Mie-goreng noodles, Grilled Chicken, American cheese, ABC sauce and topped with spring onions…. It was literally to die for! Just ask any of our loyal “cheese heads” (Our Melt Brothers Fans) It was so popular, that we ended up running it for over 2 months.

Q: What is the ultimate Melt Brother’s meal? (with all the fabulous sides of course)
A: Well that’s easy:

-For Entree you would have: A serving of loaded tater tots (tater tots that are seasoned by our special house seasoning (that has 8 secret herbs and spices) smothered with melted cheese sauce and topped with bacon bits and spring onions.

-For main you would have: A Meltbrothers Grilled Cheese Sandwich, any of your choosing, cause they are all delicious!!!! ;) and

-For Dessert you would finish off with one of our dessert grilled cheese called “DEM BUNS”. 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, Swirls of Nutella, 100s & 1000s all wrapped between a toasted sweet bun!

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