Celebrate 50 years of Garden City


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Celebrate 50 years of Garden City

  • 29th

    Today, 9.00am - 10.00am.

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Take a step back in time to celebrate our 50-year anniversary with us.

Westfield Garden City opened its doors for the first time on 1 October 1970. The centre offered a McDonnel & East’s, Woolworths and a David Jones in addition to a number of specialty stores making it Queensland’s largest retail complex at the time.

The Development

The development of the centre was a $20 million project and come opening day, the centre housed approximately $10 million worth of goods for sale.

It’s estimated that the number of masonry blocks that were used to build the walls of the centre would have built 150 suburban homes and the amount of concrete used in the project would have paved a foot path from Brisbane to Rockhampton!

Opening Day

To celebrate the monumental day, a helicopter hovered over the car park and dropped 1,000 ping pong balls full of prizes and gift vouchers.

Over the hours of opening day, the centre saw an estimated 75,000 shoppers come through the doors and a total spend of $300,000!

The centre’s entertainment area was known as “The Gazebo” and featured a revolving stage which showcase some of Australia’s biggest celebrities from the time including: Dame Edna, Jimmy Barnes, The Gary Campbell Trio, Humphrey B Bear, Paul Sharratt & Little Pattie.

The Centre

Upon opening, the centre was a Y shapped mall and featured a revolving stage in “The Gazebo”, the centre court of its day which would go on to feature some of Australia’s biggest celebrities from Dame Edna, Jimmy Barnes, The Gary Campbell Trio, Humphrey B Bear, Paul Sharrett and Little Pattie.

From the Gazebo, customers could access 3 single level malls through to the major department stores: David Jones, Woolworths, McDonnel & East and Trittons.
The three malls were called The Clock Mall, The Aviary Mall and the Fountain Mall. The Fountain Mall featured a fountain showpiece that sprayed varying patterns of water. The Clock Mall, complete with a large-scale clock, housed purveyors of fresh food and the Aviary Mall featured a large aviary with live birds.

The centre was open from 8:30am – 5:30am Monday to Friday and 8:15am = 11:30am on Saturdays. Over 55 buses passed through the centre each day.

The Memories

We’d love to hear from you about memories that you have of Westfield Garden City over the years. Were you here on opening day? Have you had a first date here? What was the first movie you saw at Event Cinemas…or should we say Birch Carol and Coyle? We’d love to hear it all! Head to our Facebook Page to leave a comment.

How are we celebrating?

To celebrate this exciting milestone, we’re giving away 20 x $500 Westfield Gift Cards! For your chance to win one, simply spend $250 in-centre throughout October and visit the concierge desk on the upper level (near Starbucks) to enter!

Find out more here.

While you’re in centre, check out our walk through time, located on the upper level, near David Jones.

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*Upcoming events are subject to change

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