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The complete home bar guide to cocktail glasses

With Easter entertaining around the corner, it’s the perfect time to dust off your favourite cocktail recipes and stock your bar cart or cupboard. Ultimately, choosing the right cocktail glasses comes down to taste, but with so many options available, we’ve broken them down to help elevate the experience of a homemade cocktail. Whether it’s sparkling, spirited, or something mixed, having the right equipment will get you shaking and pouring like a professional mixologist in no time.

Champagne coupes

These iconic, wide-bowl glasses are commonly used for champagne and sparkling wine. They are also a perfect choice for a cocktail that’s been shaken with ice and then served chilled – the stem lets you hold the glass without heating up the cocktail. Traditional champagne glasses are an essential for any home bar!

Whisky glasses

Another home bar staple. Whisky glasses, or single rocks glasses, are the obvious choice for a negroni or old fashioned, as well as anything neat or a spirit on the rocks. The generous size allows you to smell the aroma and throw in a decent-sized ice cube. Due to the fact that these take longer to drink, a quality, heavy-bottomed glass will be money well spent.

Martini glasses

As with all things, cocktail glasses come and go out of fashion, however the classic martini glass may soon be set for a comeback - especially if you feel like having a Bond moment at home!

Highball and Collins glasses

What is the difference? A highball is a tall, skinny glass and a Collins glass is just a taller glass. These are perfect for gin and tonics, vodka-sodas, anything with crushed ice or non-alcoholic drinks.

Margarita glasses

Although there are many glass variations for this popular drink, the classic choice is a wide-bowl with tiers. This is a glass that demands attention and screams party. Tumblers are also a completely acceptable vessel for a margarita.

Balloon wine glass

Just like a margarita, a gin and tonic works in almost any type of glass, however if there is an ideal way to enjoy one, this would be it. The unique shape helps to retain bubbles and the size allows for all sorts of garnishes.

Cocktail shakers and ice moulds

Browse the entire range of glassware here.

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