Finding the perfect pair of jeans


Finding the perfect pair of jeans

Our Stylist Victoria Tomaro shares her top tips on finding the perfect pair of Jeans to suit your body shape.

Jeans jeans jeans.... I often get asked "what jeans should I be buying? what jeans suit my body shape"

Pear Shape

Let's start off with curves or pear shape. When you have this shape then you should look for a high rise and a straight leg denim - avoid a skinny. A skinny jean draws attention to your hips, a straight leg denim makes your legs appear longer.

Also go for a darker denim rather than a faded pair. Avoid jeans which have patches on the thighs or whiskers in the front. The eye pics up on contrast so stick to a straight one colour denim.

I have picked these high-rise Elk Denim Jeans from Jeans West. They are so stretchy and the most comfortable denim ever. They have an amazing range of curve embraced denim range that you need to try. This peach shirt along with this jacket is all from Jeans West.

Also, another tip- tuck in your top if you can, this draws attention to your waist and gives you a nice hour glass look.

A Leather jacket is a great winter must this season, try a biker jacket or a classic cut it doesn't have to be black, or invest in a coloured leather. I have chosen this one from Jeans West and have styled it back with a white T shirt for a simple classic style.

Apple Shape

This requires a denim that sits a few inches from your belly button and must be stretchy around the tummy. Try a boot leg or a flare. This will balance your look and with a heel will make your legs look longer.

Once again choose a darker denim. Or the tummy trimmer from the Jeans West range.

Rectangle shape

This is normally no define waist, straight up and down with a flat butt.

This shape requires a denim that creates the illusion of curves, once again a slightly flared or straight denim will balance out the shape. You need to draw attention to the waist here too, so tuck in your top a little. Jeans West also have a "Butt lifter" denim that will give you a boost.

There are so many different types of jeans. I teach my clients to grab as many different styles they can. It's about having choice, don't ever go in to a store and try on one pair. Grab a few different types, try the curve embracer or the new Elk range. Pictured here are the old vintage or the sun bleached.

You really should invest in a great pair of jeans. Go through your wardrobe and get rid of the old jeans you have that a way too big, remember to always go a little smaller as denim always gives in and loosens up.

The high waisted denim is a great trend, I love them, so have fun with denim and don't be afraid of trying on different styles and colours.

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