The art of layering


The art of layering

Our Stylist Chelsea Brice shares her top tips on combating the art of layering in Winter.

As the temperature in Melbourne begins to rapidly drop, just the thought of having to figure out how to layer up for the day ahead can make some of us that extra bit anxious and overwhelmed each morning.

One of the biggest challenges my clients face when shopping for new clothes is “how to layer?” without of course looking like the Michelin man (because we all know how that ended for him).

We have no clue what to expect from one hour from the next with our very unpredictable climate and are running in and out of different environments, constantly needing to layer-up and de-layer accordingly.

So, If you live in Melbourne its imperative you know how to nail the art of layering to combat our ever changing weather….

I promise it isn’t actually as hard as you think. Just follow these simple rules to make life that wee bit easier!

Your base pieces need to look great as a stand-alone piece
This layer needs to be the most lightweight, so think along the lines of a singlet or tee. You want to make sure you would wear this as a stand-alone piece just in case you over heat inside and need to de-layer

Style Tip: To avoid being all too dark in winter, try using a lighter colour to freshen and pop the outfit or a striped base to add dimension, then build up to darker or bolder colours as you layer outwards

Make most layers light in weight and layer from thin to thick
This is the key to nailing balance and comfort. Make your next layer that extra bit thicker by adding a shirt, knit, cardigan or denim jacket

Keep thick knits, coats or jackets as the very outer layer
Make sure all your other layers fit under comfortably enough that you can still freely move.

Style Tip: Throw a statement coat over your shoulders like you would a cape (refer to pink coat in picture) Trust me, this will instantly give you that on trend feel and take your outfit to a whole new level.

Add a pattern or texture for interest: I’m a big believer in wearing what makes you feel good, so if you’re someone who likes print or colour then use your creativity and add in those patterns, textures and colours that make you feel great.

Lastly don’t forget your head, neck, feet & hands
If you’re a cold person like me then accessorizing is a vital element to keeping me warm (and happy) in the midst of winter. Use scarves, hats and gloves for extra snuggle and of course finishing touches to your outfit. I’m always teaching my clients that the last item on is usually the first noticed, so never underestimate the power of detail!

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