5 style secrets for new mums


5 style secrets for new mums

If you missed The Bubs Club last week with Stylist Chelsea Brice, don't fret! Chelsea has shared her top five style secrets for new mums below;

So, you’re a busy mum and don’t really have the time, money or energy to shop…. well for yourself anyway! I know this because at least 80% of my clients are mums that struggle to make time and prioritize themselves.

As a personal stylist my job is to take the stress, time and worry out of dressing to help you look and feel like the best version of yourself.

I promise you can still be a mum and have style without breaking the bank.

You simply need to know where to shop, and have the right mix of key staple pieces hanging in your wardrobe, so you can wiz out the door each morning with confidence.

Below are my top 5 style secrets for new mums.

1. Focus and flaunt your new best assets:

For most of you your body has changed, and you have absolutely no idea how to dress your new shape. Your hips maybe curvier, tummy softer and boobs larger, so technically the styles that used to fit you like a glove, no longer do.

Just covering everything up seems like the easiest option, however adding more fabric to your body can leave you feeling frumpier than before. You see, when we are trying to dress to hide all the bits we don’t like, we fail to dress for all the bits we do like & this can leave us feeling frumpy and less than amazing in the clothes we wear. This week I want you to look for more of what you like about your body and start to dress for those attributes. For example if it’s your legs, wear a skinny or lighter pant to highlight them, if it’s the small part of your waist then opt for jackets/coats that shape and highlight this area through cleaver tailoring. Portmans have some great winter coats that will skim in all the right spots!

2. Accessorize for statement:

Never underestimate the power of detail. The last item placed on is often the first thing noticed, making this step the key to looking put-together. Being a busy mum means you need EASY and EFFORTLESS, so by simply adding that 1 trend item to make you feel styled as you run out the door will make a huge difference. Think scarves, a statement nappy bag or even lift your outfit with a white or fun sneaker.

Tip: Look for a leather or pleather sneaker, so you can keep them clean by giving them the once over with baby wipes. These Jo mercer white sneakers are also available in soft pink if colour is more your thing.

3. Pull on pants will be your best friend:

Your belly is the last place you want to add any bulk right now, so creating a smooth foundation (no zips or buttons) to layer over is vital. My favourites are from Decjuba (below) and come in a variety of colours and styles. When I want comfort, these are the pair of jeans I go to and once you have layered over it with a longer top, no one will have any clue you are wearing a pull on pant.

4. Blazer it up:

Classic yet totally on trend right now, a blazer will instantly make your jeans and tee combo look on point. Use this piece to add your personality eg: classic black, add some colour for fun or even print to hide stains and leaks like the below check blazer from Portmans.

Tip: Take your blazer from day to night by simply changing you shoe. Team it with sneakers for cool yet casual or to night by upping the anti with heels or boots.

5. It’s totally fine to still wear maternity clothes:

Especially since stores like Ripe have such a stylish range that don’t even look maternity. Ripe’s cleverly designed nursing range includes smart layered designs that can lift to reveal discreet nursing access.

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