The Westfield walkers turn 15!


The Westfield walkers turn 15!

Jamaica Blue, Level 2

The Westfield Walkers celebrated their 15th Anniversary on Wednesday the 8th of May at the Jamaica Blue Café, Westfield Fountain Gate. Coffee and cake was on the menu and the YMCA generously provided show bags from exclusive equipment supplier, Precor.

The walking group was founded to inspire members of the Casey community to keep active no matter what age they are. The group consists of almost 40 members, who walk a few laps around Westfield Fountain Gate twice a week to get moving and stay socially connected.

Keith Pinney, the eldest male member of the group, showed great gratitude for the Walkers feeling right at home with his partner, expressing “when we joined, we knew that this was for us”. After nine years of walking, Keith has made plenty of friends and “enjoyed the company of everybody”, along with being “something to do as part of their retirement”.

“The only thing that gets me down a little bit is the real cold mornings in the Winter time when you have to get up at about 6:00am to get here by 7:30am – they are the mornings that you think ‘I’ll stay in bed’, but you don’t as you’d miss the company of the others”, he said.

Mamie Pendlebury, another dedicated walker, discussed the health benefits of being involved with the group. “I think it’s important that at our age we keep ourselves fit because there’s a saying - ‘if you don’t use it you lose it’ - and I think that’s very true”, she said.

The eldest lady of the group, Patricia Washington, praises the group because she claims that “otherwise I wouldn’t get out”. Patricia has been a member of the group for 13 years, and says that “the company is wonderful and the exercise is great.”

There was a general consensus amongst the group that the social aspect after the walk is one of the most enjoyable parts of the experience.

The Westfield Walkers can be found doing their walks around Westfield on Wednesdays and Fridays. If you are interested in becoming part of the group, contact

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