Casey annual plant giveaway


Casey annual plant giveaway

Now in its 17th year, the annual Casey Plant Giveaway gives Casey ratepayers the opportunity to claim two FREE native plants per household.

The Council funded initiative will help kick off World Parks Week, and contributes to Council’s Growing a Green Web program, which aims to involve the community in the rehabilitation of indigenous vegetation across the municipality.

The event also aims to educate the community about local indigenous plants and the importance of native vegetation.

By collecting your plants, you can gain a sense of community and contribute to creating a better natural environment for all by participating in the revegetation program.



Thursday 9 May9am - 5pm
Friday 10 May9am - 5pm
Saturday 11 May9am - 12pm

To find out more, search Casey Plant Giveaway on Council’s website, or read more here.

  • Contact Casey Council for further details.