Get to know A1 Deli Delights


Get to know A1 Deli Delights

Learn about where and what brands the delicious meats, cheeses, spreads, dips and much more come from that A1 Deli Delights provide.

It'll sure to make you stand out at your next get together!


Ham off the bone $38.99/Kg
Australian Ham off the Bone. Made from premium quality Australian pork leg which is cured and traditionally hand crafted. Australian Ham off the bone. Gluten free; No artificial colours; No artificial flavours; Naturally wood smoked.

Other Primo products
Double Smoked Ham $36.99/Kg
Australian Proscuitto $49.99/Kg
Italian San Daniel Proscuitto $69.99/Kg

Paesanella story

Today, Umberto’s traditional Italian cheese making processes are the legacy that he has passed onto his two sons Joseph and Max, who now lead the Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers organisation. Their commitment to never compromise the quality, formula and vision of their product is testament to the true Italian cheese making way.
Umberto’s vision is now a reality. Although he had to deal with many hard times in starting and growing his business, he pioneered Australian culinary tastes and indirectly brokered acceptance of the Italian community in the Australian way of life.

Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers is now a brand that is recognised widely in the Australian dairy industry as an award winning, high quality product as witnessed in various competitions (refer to awards section of website) and is a symbol of what fresh Italian cheese should be.
Paesanella products are widely used in the hospitality industry from catering to fine dining restaurants and to the home kitchen. The Paesanella product range forms as an integral ingredient of many kitchens.

Paesanella comes a unique retail food experience just a few minute’s walk away from the existing factory in Marrickville. The new deli offers a wide selection of the finest produce from Australia and around the world, specialising in cheeses and an extensive deli range. The store offers a variety of organic and gluten free produce, a cafe with a diverse lunch menu, and catering for your event.

Peasanella Products
Buffalo Mozzarella $59.99/Kg
Bocconcini $29.99/Kg
Ricotta $15.99/Kg

Posh Food story

It was a poor quality pate that got the founders of Posh Foods Simon and June Budgen putting their heads together and discussing how they could do so much better, and how they should offer high quality food cooked to perfection. It has been this ethos that has driven Posh Foods over its 30+ years of service – that quality is the most important factor in a food product’s success.

June Budgen had always had an obsession with the culinary arts, and her earliest memories were of cooking up a storm in the kitchen at the tender age of 2. She feverishly honed her skills, spending all her waking hours in the kitchen, taking night classes, and spending over 10 years working alongside Margaret Fulton and Maureen Simpson, editor of Home and Garden Magazine.

The Budgens believed then and now that food, even those delivered to cafés and delis, should taste exactly like it was just prepared in the kitchen. This thought drove the idea of delivering fresh goods to cafés and delis on a daily basis, first with simple items like scotch eggs, and then more and more extravagant fare, stretching the limits of what could be done with locally-produced fresh produce sold via retail.
Stores like David Jones were quick to realize the potential of Posh Foods and how the uniqueness of the products could drive their sales and increase foot traffic.

Business relationships with small cafés and delis began to grow, as these establishments recognized the commitment of Posh Foods to always offer a high quality product with only the best ingredients at an excellent price. Some of Posh Foods’ customers have now been with Posh Foods for over 30 years.

Posh Foods products
Cajun Chicken, Pork Balsamic, Chicken & Mushroom, Spinach & Feta $7.50/each
Beef, Pumpkin & Ricotta, chicken $6.99/piece
Yaya style spinach $6.99/Piece
Pistachio, Duck Orange, Grand Orange Liqueur $39.99/Kg
Roast Pumpkin & Feta, Smoked Salmon, Lorain, Spinach & Feta $5.50/each

Patchett story

Every Patchett’s Pies product is hand-crafted with the utmost care by the dedicated team in our Sydney bakery. Our range of two dozen delectable varieties contains the finest ingredients, a lifetime of expertise and generations of experience.

Sue Patchett loves baking. Naturally, Sue’s earliest fans could be found around the family dining table, but word of her traditional pork pies soon spread through the community. Demand grew quickly, along with her reputation. Sue followed her passion for pork pies to the source, moving to Yorkshire to train as an apprentice under the watchful-eye of an award-winning butcher. From the elemental plain flour in the hot-water crust to the final, seasoning pinch of pepper, every step in her teacher’s process had been honed by generations of Yorkshire bakers. There she learned the importance of the finest raw ingredients, the essential additions and, of course, the perfect technique. His secrets became hers with one caveat: she had to promise never to bake in the United Kingdom.

True to her word, Sue returned to Australia in 1982 and founded Patchett’s Pies. In its earliest form the kitchen assembled pork pies in their dozens, each hand-crafted with the same care Sue had taken with her own family’s dinners. Her range expanded and the business grew as did the number of loyal customers.

As demand increased the family learnt the ropes and helped in the business. Sue’s son Dan grew up with the bakery. On completing his studies he found himself drawn back to the family business, spending time working in all areas and gaining hands on experience. In 2000 Dan took over as General Manager and has been running Patchett’s ever since.

Patchett’s bakery has grown to become the favoured supplier of local cafés, caterers, delicatessens and national premium food stores. Production has increased to keep pace with the thriving wholesale operation. The equipment has grown in size and sophistication but Patchett’s have never strayed from the guiding principles that started their journey over thirty years ago: respect for tradition and the pursuit of the perfect Yorkshire pork pie.

Patchett Products
Shepherds Pie, Beef & onion Pie,
Beef & Mushroom Pie, Pork Pie $6.99/each
Sausage Rolls $3.99/each

Vegie puff, Beef & Vegie $4.99/each

Fresh fodder

Fresh Fodder was established in Orange NSW by Max Schofield in 2008. From his small commercial kitchen, Max and the team at Fresh Fodder constantly strive to provide a great range of dips, salads and sauces that focus on great quality flavours, and a business that offers great service.Max is a third generation foodie and has over 25 years experience in the food game. He eats (literally!), sleeps and breathes every aspect of Fresh Fodder and it is his great attention to detail and focus on the end product that has seen the business gain a well respected spot in the marketplace.

At Fresh Fodder our philosophy is to produce a great product that exhibits wonderful flavours and represents good value for money.
The Fresh Fodder range of dips, salads and sauces are perfect for entertaining or grazing on and our customers are known to travel far and wide to purchase our Taramosalata – The Gangster Dip.

Fresh Fodder Products
Taramasalata (Russian Caviar) Dip $23.99/Kg
Homos Dip $21.99/Kg
Tzatziki Dip $21.99/Kg
Garlic Dip $21.99/Kg
Soups $7.99/each

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