Food guide: appealing to everyone’s dietary needs


Food guide: appealing to everyone’s dietary needs

Picture this, your group of girlfriends have finally found a date in the calendar where you are all free from commitments, work and the kids after months of suggestions in the group chat. Now, where to go? One girlfriend is trying a new vegan diet, another is gluten free - suddenly you see your dining options disappearing before your eyes. We have all been there, but fear not! Here we have some options for all dietary restrictions at Westfield Eastgardens


{Bondi Pizza}

No need to worry when you're out with friends or a date at Bondi Pizza, you can satisfy your cravings with their Mediterranean pizza.


Vegetarian Fried rice, vegetarian spring rolls, vegetarian pancakes and vegetarian rice paper rolls, Phoodle have a range of delicious vegetarian options.

{Dumpling Queen}

Dine at Dumpling Queen and indulge in the delicious asain flavours with vegetable and mushroom dumplings or broccoli with garlic sauce

{Ribs & Burgers}

Make your mouth water with the veggie delight burger filled with mushroom, spanish onion, haloumi, lettuce, tomato, crispy onion rings and aïoli.

{Lang Suan}

Lang suan have you covered for a delicious thai infused meal. Start with their vegetarian curry puffs and move onto the garlic and sauce stir fry or their famous pad see ew


{San Churro}

San Churro have got your chocolate-vegan craving sorted with their new Vegan range.
The Happy Vegan, a made fresh-to-order churro bowl rolled in cinnamon sugar, filled with vegan Salted Caramel & Honeycomb Gelato, drizzled in dark chocolate, topped with smashed Oreos and fresh strawberries.
Or, for a smaller indulgence, you can’t go past the droolworthy vegan Cookie Butter Filled Churros, piped with a caramel spiced cookie filling.

{Lang Suan}

Try the famously authentic Pad Thai at Lang suan with their stir-fried thin rice noodle in house pride homemade sauce with fresh tofu, bean sprouts, chaipo and crunchy crushed nut on the side

Gluten Free

{Bondi Pizza}

Bondi Pizza have ticked the box here with having the option for a Gluten free base and Gluten free toppings for several of their pizzas and to top it off you can also request the Lamb or the Salmon salad Gluten free.

{Lang Suan}

How does this sound? Have your choice of crispy chicken or normal chicken infused with the most popular stir-fried noodles in a mild cashew nuts homemade chilli jam sauce with eggg and assorted vegetables. Sounds good, well it's even Gluten Free. Enjoy!

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