Discover the flavours of Asia at Chuan Taste


Discover the flavours of Asia at Chuan Taste

Discover the flavours of Asia at Chuan Taste. From delicious dim sim and dumplings, to tasty laksa, and seafood dishes, Chuan Taste is bound to become your go-to when you're in the mood for Asian cuisine.

Located on Level 3 near Hoyts, and open from 10am to 9pm everyday, you can satisfy your dumpling cravings easily and right into the night!

Are you a lover of noodles? You'll soon be a lover of Chuan Taste too. Chuan Taste offers many noodle options including mouth-watering beef brisket noodle soup, chilli chicken with noodles, and wok fried noodles with chicken and vegetables.

Not much of a noodle fan? Not to worry, there are plenty of scrumptious seafood, meat, and tofu and vegetable dishes that go extremely well with steamed rice. If you love seafood, tantalise your tastebuds with the salt and pepper squid, steamed barramundi and crispy soft shell crab - absolutely divine! As for meat dishes, you can't go wrong with the classic sweet and sour pork. But if you're feeling a bit more adventurous, why not try the flash fried wagyu beef with crushed black pepper.

If you're after something more simple, Chuan Taste also offers a range of fried rice dishes including wok fried rice with chicken and mixed vegetables and wok fried rice with prawns and egg. Just delicious!

And here's a twist. Not only does Chuan Taste serve authentic Chinese dishes, they also offer Japanese dishes too! From sushi rolls and salmon sashimi to teriyaki chicken and chicken katsu, Chuan Taste has it all. So the next time your tastebuds are tingling for a Japanese meal, you know where to go.

Serving the best elements of Chinese and Japanese cuisine, Chuan Taste has your Asian cuisine cravings covered.