Complimentary Luggage Storage


Complimentary Luggage Storage

Concierge, Level 2

Westfield Eastgardens is now offering complimentary luggage storage services* for our customers, located on Level 1 at the Concierge Desk opposite Myer.

For further information please call (02) 9344 6766

*Terms and conditions apply:
• Scentre Group will do everything to take good care of your luggage.
• Scentre Group will be not responsible for damaged or missing items. Usage of our service is always at risk of the user.
• You will get 1 ticket for 1 storage locker. In case of a lost ticket Scentre staff will need to see a matching ID that was used when the item was stored.
• Scentre Group will not take items that are too big or have possible dangerous content.
• Scentre Group can refuse items that are too valuable, or for any other reason at our sole discression.
• Stored luggage that is not picked up, is kept for 1 month before it gets removed.
• Luggage and contents thereof should not have a total value above $250. Scentre Group will not be responsible for damage or missing items.
• User holds harmless luggage and is solely liable for damage that is caused by the content of the items put in storage.
• User is responsible for damages caused by their luggage or the contents thereof to other property
• Scentre Group is not responsible for the damage of the stored item. With exception of damage caused on purpose or by serious negligence of Scentre Group or its employees. Responsibility for consequential damage is excluded.
• Customer is responsible for packing luggage in a way that contents are not damaged by moderate shock caused by transport and or storage of luggage.