Get Fitted at Bras N Things
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Get Fitted at Bras N Things

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Sunday 23 Oct
Monday 24 Oct

Not sure of your bra size? Take the get fitted challenge at Bras N Things and feel the difference today!

Did you know 8 out of 10 women are unknowingly wearing the incorrect sized bra, not only effecting the way the bra looks but also resulting in pain and discomfort?

Bras N Things recommend women seek a professional fitting each time they are purchasing a new bra, as it is very common for women to change bra size at least 6 times throughout their lifetime. From pregnancy, hormone changes to weight loss, changes are often so subtle that the decision to be refitted is commonly overlooked. With a bra fit technique refined and perfected by more than 25 years of research and customer feedback, Bras N Things understand the importance of focusing on designing product that suits women of all shapes and sizes while maintaining their strong reputation as ‘The Fit Experts’.

Head into Bras N Things for your next fit!