Game face: How to amp up your beauty regime


Game face: How to amp up your beauty regime

With beauty salons now open – and as you eagerly await your next visit (don’t forget to book in advance!) – consider this your go-to guide to help you achieve ‘beauty goals’ status.

With many of us applying lipstick again for the first time in a while, here's how to refresh your beauty and skincare routine before facing the world again.

Face the facts

Has your skin been crying out for some loving post-iso? We hear you. From microdermabrasion to a gentle facial or an LED treatment, Ella Bache and Endota Spa are open and ready to help refresh and rejuvenate your skin.

Cleanse, moisturise, SPF, repeat

Outside of your favourite beauty treatments, consistency in your daily skincare routine is key, and sticking to it, will help to keep the state of your skin a priority.

Cleanse and moisturise everyday, once to twice a day – and don’t forget to apply SPF either via your moisturiser or as a separate step. Fact – did you know SPF is a skincare essential, even if you’re indoors? Windows protect us from UVB rays, however not UVA rays, which can cause ageing. Now is also a very good time to work a weekly face mask back onto your list - your dry, indoorsy skin will thank you for it.

If you need a top up of your skincare essentials, the experts from Aesop, David Jones, Myer, MECCA, Innisfree and Priceline know what they are talking about.

Watch Ash from MECCA's HQ talk through her nightly skincare routine on IGTV.
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Confused about how and when to apply your skincare products? Priceline's Makeup and Hair Director, Sarah Laidlaw, shows you how to optimise your skincare regime.
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All about the brows

It’s been months since you were last able to visit your favourite brow salon and your brows could be getting a little out of control. Luckily Ella Bache, Endota Spa and Exquisite Brows & Spa are ready to welcome you, and those furry little friends. Remember, booking in advance is a must!

If you’d prefer to go down the DIY route, simply follow these simple steps.

Top tip! If you fill in your eyebrows with brow pencil before tweezing them, this will save you from over-tweezing.

  1. First up, using an angled brow pencil, fill in your brows to your desired shape to create a barrier for yourself so you don’t overdo it.
  2. Carefully tweeze any stray hairs outside your outline with tweezers. Remember less is more to avoid ending up with a sparse situation on your hands.

Refresh that makeup kit

Whether you're heading back to the office or seeing friends you may not have caught up with in a while, what better excuse to get back into your daily makeup rhythm than with a new lipstick. A pop of colour never goes astray, and remember - the darker the hue, the more important a lip liner becomes to keep that top lip definition. The pros at David Jones, Myer, Dior Perfume & Beauty Boutique and Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Boutique will help you find the perfect shades to match your skintone.

The perfect mani

Nails crying out for some TLC? We don’t blame them. Oh, how we’ve missed the regular mani and pedi with High's Nail Art & Beauty, Hollywood Nails, Odyssey Nails and SNS Exclusive Salon who are open and ready to give those nails the fresh polish they deserve.

If you’re keen to give the at home method a go, it’s all about the ‘back to basics’ mani.

Back to basics mani
1. Use a base coat (to prevent staining your nails with strong colour)
2. Paint a pop of colour, repeat with another layer if required
3. Once your nail colour is dry, paint a layer of top coat
4. Rub cuticle oil around each nail, using any excess to moisturise your hands

Pick up your mani supplies from Priceline and My Chemist.

If you want to take things to the next level, you can also invest in an at-home Gel Nail Kit available for purchase at Priceline. The kit includes a UV or LED light to set your polish along with both base and topcoats to achieve longer lasting, chip free manicures.

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