Welcome to Spoonville


Welcome to Spoonville

You may have noticed some new friends popping up in our community, ‘spoon people’ to be exact! The City of Manningham has been turned into Spoon City, with the adorable spoon creations delighting us during our daily exercise.

Here’s how you can get involved and help Manningham's Spoonville grow.

Make your own spoon person

This is a fun activity to keep the kids busy at home. Here’s what you’ll need to get crafty:
Body: A wooden spoon from Coles or Woolworths
Face: Coloured markers from Big W or paint from Target.
Arms and legs: Pipe cleaners or ribbon from Riot Art & Craft.
Clothes: Felt from Riot Art & Craft or any old socks or spare fabric you have at home.
Tools: Scissors, paint brushes and glue from Big W or Target.
Extras: Your imagination is the only thing stopping you. Add beads, bows, buttons, artificial flowers, feathers, shells, tassels or anything else you wish.

Find a home

Once your spoon people are decorated, it’s time to find them a new home. Check out the Spoonville International Facebook page, where you can find spoon villages near you, and add your spoon person during your daily exercise.

FUN FACT: The original Spoonville was created in Winnersh, England.

Location: Newmans Road shops, Templestowe

Location: Willow Bend, Bulleen

Location: Landscape Drive, Milgate Estate, Doncaster East

Images source: Manningham Community

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