5 most requested hairstyles from around the world


5 most requested hairstyles from around the world

Whether it’s pre-event preparation or a total hair transformation Dry and Tea blow wave bar located in Myer have signature blow waves for all occasions inspired by international fashion capitals.

New York Femme

The most popular requested style and often looked at as the sister city to Melbourne. This signature look is inspired by the fashionable style set in New York City. The soft loose curls are beautiful, feminine and an everyday classic.

Rio Carnival

It's liberated, fun and full of body & bounce. Inspired by the colourful and lively city of Rio di Janeiro, the volume will make you feel like a Girl Gone Wild!

The Milan

This sleek and polished look is inspired by the sophistication and style of the women of Milan. It's Smooth & Straight and oh so very chic.

The Parisian

Known around the world to be the most love filled and passionate city, this timeless, contoured and very glam look will take you to Paris and back.

Bondi Wave

Inspired by the world famous Bondi Beach, a gentle bend with relaxed texture. The perfect hair for effortless beauty.

Request these looks at Dry and Tea Blow Wave Bar, call or visit them in Myer Doncaster.


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