Winter skincare with Rationale-Doncaster


Winter skincare with Rationale-Doncaster

The cooler months means the cozy retreat of heated homes and keep the skin fresh with the right amount of H20 and a hydrating skin routine. A common misconception is that ‘hydration’ and ‘moisturisation’ are interchangeable terms that describe the same effects on human skin. While they seem similar, these terms do differ.

The dehydration myth

Hydration is important to keep our skin soft but it won’t remain hydrated if there is no physical lipid barrier protecting that hydration from evaporating and escaping the skin. Topically nourishing the skin that is suffering from dehydration may smooth the surface but it will still lack vital hydration necessary for supple volume and elasticity.

The different between dehydration and dryness
Dehydration = a lack of water
Dryness = a lack of oil

Do’s & Don’ts

The RATIONALE Immunologist Range provides the skin with vital B-Group Vitamins acting as a booster-shot for skin immunity and preventing water loss in the skin while simultaneously helping to retain hydration.

Steer clear of astringent skincare products (harsh or foaming cleansers and abraisive exfoliants are the prime culprits) strip the skin of its natural lipid barrier. This often wreaks havoc and causes the opposite effect—inducing breakouts, congestion and inflammation where sebaceous glands launch into overdrive in an effort to compensate for the lack of moisturisation.

Steps to cleanse and protect skin hydration

  1. Apply a small amount of RATIONALE Pre-Cleanse Oil onto dry skin and massage to emulsify dirt and debris from the day as well as makeup and SPF residue.

  2. Layer 1-2 pumps of RATIONALE ProCeramide Cleanser on top and massage in before adding tepid water to emulsify and rinse off.

  3. Pat the skin dry and apply a second cleanse of ProCeramide Cleanser; the skin identical ingredients will better penetrate the skin with a daily double-cleansing ritual.

  4. If the skin requires some extra TLC, allow the ProCeramide Cleanser to infuse into the skin for up to 20 minutes to provide an intensive hydration treatment instantly achieving skin softness and suppleness.

For a skin consolation visit Rationale Skincare.

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