5 ways to wear a head scarf


5 ways to wear a head scarf

Thinking of investing in a head scarf or even have 5 sitting at home that you don't know how to use but they looked pretty on the model when you bought them? It's time for your head scarf 101 lesson. Lesson number 1, if you can tie a knot you can tie a head scarf. Lesson 2, if you can't tie a knot you can buy ones that are already tied.

If your hair needs a break from the heat of the curling wand or straightener but you still want to leave the house with a trendy hairstyle, this could be the answer for you. With so many designs and styles to choose from you won’t struggle for hairstyles.

We have chosen 6 styles that are simple enough for any beginner.

Ponytail or bun bow

This easy-to-get look will make your hair look great with minimal effort. If you pair your headscarf with a ponytail make sure to give you hair a little volume so that the scarf doesn't over power.

Image via Chrissy Teigen on Instagram.

Banded bun

This is similar to the above style but you twist the head scarf all the way around the bun until there is no scarf left, then just use a bobby pin to secure the end.

Image via Taylor Hill on Instagram.

Side knot

This classic look is as easy as it sounds, all it requires is a knot.

Image via Jasmine Tookes on Instagram.


Want to add a little something to your outfit to finish it off? What better way to do it then with an over-the-top head scarf bow.

Image via Cara Delevingne on Instagram.

Retro twist

If you aren’t great at tying your head scarf then this is the style for you. You can get scarfs that have wire in them so you can stretch and twist them in every direction and they will stay. The most common way to wear these is like a head band but just twist the two ends together at the top of your head like pictured.

Image via Martha Hunt on Instagram.

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