How to host the perfect Grand Final party


How to host the perfect Grand Final party

Spending the night in for the finals? We've got you sorted! Here are four of the most important elements that are key to having the ultimate set-up at home. Your mates will be so impressed that you'll probably be the go-to every year from now on.

Food and drink

Of course the game is on everyone’s minds, but the food and drink comes a close second. We're talking popcorn makers, deep fryers, pizza ovens and whatever else your stomach desires. Be equipped to make the ultimate food menu for the finals and impress all your mates at the same time. You might also want to stock up on lots of snacks such as chips and dip in case you have a few nervous eaters during the game.

Visual and audio

Been eyeing off a new TV for a while? Then this is the perfect excuse to upgrade because picture quality will only add to the experience. You definitely don’t want to be worrying about TV quality when your team are scoring the winning goal or are on the verge of losing. Once the visual side of things are sorted, the audio is next. Between the cheering, you still want to be able to hear the commentating, so speakers are essential. One of the easiest ways to instantly improve the sound is a sound bar – you won’t regret it.


Get your outfit sorted for the night with a fresh jersey or scarf, because you need to make it known whose side you are on. Have a friend coming over that supports the other team? No worries – you can buy anything from coasters to beer glasses for their favourite team.

Half-time entertainment

If quarter-time or half-time has hit and there is too much tension in the air, break the ice with a little music and fresh snacks. Make the most of this time to fill everyone’s drinks, top the food up and play some tunes to distract everyone from the fact that the room is divided into two groups of supporters.

Enjoy the game!

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