Spring racing with POLITIX: Donny Galella's style guide


Spring racing with POLITIX: Donny Galella's style guide

We asked celebrity stylist, Donny Galella, to give us some tips for spring racing season. Donny started his career as a milliner, making hats that cost more than our first car. He’s been a Golden Slipper Ambassador, styled outfits for the Oscars and judged Fashions On The Field. There’s nothing this guy doesn’t know about race day formalwear. Take notes, lads.

Pictured above: Magra Suit Jacket $289 (available October), Monaco Shirt $179 Ortelle Suit Pant $169 (available October), Darzo Tie $69 (available October, Searle Shoe $229, Piova Pocket Square $49 (available October) Niki Lapel Pin $29


Some race days are strictly ‘black and white’. But don’t take it too literally – grey checks and charcoal tones should be fine. Having said that, you can’t beat a classic black suit. Every guy should have one in their wardrobe. On days like this, you can get away with separates too: just throw on a white blazer, black chinos, white shirt and a black tie. Finish it off with black sunnies, black leather shoes and a charcoal pocket square. If you’re heading to Flemington for Derby Day, just a heads up: the traditional lapel is a cornflower.

Pictured above: Magra Suit Jacket $289, Monaco Shirt $179, Darzo Tie $69, Niki Lapel Pin $29, Piova Pocket Square $49, Ortelle Suit Pant $169, Comiso Tie $79, Abruzzi Belt $89, Demetri Loafer $269

Pictured above, left to right: Ravello Pocket Square $49, Piova Pocket Square $49, Dusino Pocket Square $39

Get Smart

Every Spring Carnival has its big day. And that’s generally time to swing for the fences. Blue suits are always a safe bet, but feel free to get creative. You could match a check blazer with a pink tie and pocket square to really make the colour pop. Don’t forget fun socks either – black socks are for Derby Day. If you want to go low-key this year, try a patterned blazer on the top half and chinos on the bottom. It’s a good relaxed look for Melbourne Cup Day or the Sydney Cup.

Pictured above: Bellante Suit Jacket $299, Blade Shirt $149, Helston Chino $149, Alessio Shoe $369, Mortaso Belt $79, Niki Lapel Pin $29, Anzola Pocket Square $49

Picture above, left to right: Aritzo Tie $79, Matino Tie $79, Giovi Tie $79

Pictured above: Left: Tocco Blazer $269, Atella Shirt $129 (available October), Winsor Chino $149, Cosenza Tie $79, Nerito Pocket Square $49 (available October), Niki Lapel Pin $29. Female left: headwear supplied By Viktoria Novak, jumpsuit supplied by Bronx & Banco. Middle: Tepolini Suit Jacket $289, Lione Shirt $149, Helston Chino $149, Niki Lapel Pin $29, Right: Cigno Blazer $289, Gerosa Shirt $149 (available October), Palmerston Vest $139, Camley Chino $129, Basico Tie $79, Niki Lapel Pin $29, Tarsia Pocket Square $49, Sunglasses Supplied By Soda Shades

Ladies Day

Today isn’t about you guys, so there’s no need to go too hard. Ladies Day tends to get a bit soft and flowery. You see more light greys, pinks and floral patterns. Personally, I reckon a slim stone suit, matched with a light blue shirt and brown woven shoes is the way to go. Separates are totally fine too. This is a good time to bust out that powder blue blazer with white shirt and chinos. Just add vintage sunnies and you’re set. Oaks Days is the big one here.

Pictured above: Left: Norcia Suit $399 (available October), Civito Shirt $149, Mortaso Belt $79, Matino Tie $79 (available October), Quintin Loafer $269, Nerito Pocket Square $49 (available October), Niki Lapel Pin $29. Middle: Torrini Suit $399, Skeleton Shirt $179, Davoli Belt $79, Moruzzo Shoe $229, Barzio Pocket Square $49, Kacy Lapel Pin $29. Right: Maestra Suit Jacket $299, Sherlock Shirt $149, Nove Suit Pant $169, Brinzio Belt $89, Aritzo Tie $79, Arzino Shoe $229, Nerito Pocket Square $49 (available October), Niki Lapel Pin $29

The Last Day

When spring carnival winds down, all bets are off. It’s been a long week, and nobody’s got energy left for three-piece suits. Separates are perfect for these occasions: think double-breasted jacket (they’re having a bit of a moment) with chinos and a crisp shirt. Don’t forget the textured tie and pocket square. Block colour ties fit this look nicely – simple and silk, nothing too busy. If you still want to suit up, stay away from blacks and dark blues. Go for something light with a print shirt. Then dress it up with accessories: watches, tie pins and cufflinks.

Pictured above: Cigno Blazer $289, Gerosa Shirt $149 (available October), Palmerston Vest $139, Camley Chino $129, Basico Tie $79, Niki Lapel Pin $29, Tarsia Pocket Square $49, Sunglasses Supplied By Soda Shades

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