On the menu: winter wamers


On the menu: winter wamers

When the weather drops the appetite craves comforting dishes to warm the soul. Here we feature the best winter warmers, from crowd pleasing favourites, classic comfort dishes and healthy options to snuggle up to without the guilt. This list will make sure you don’t go hungry during the cool months.

Thai food, for lovers of more than food

Miss Pings Thai Eatery is the new kid on the block but are no strangers to authentic Thai cuisine. No need to travel to Thailand when you can experience traditional Thai here. An adventurous menu, Miss Pings signature Som Tam (6 varieties) makes a perfect share plate for starters. The Penang curry a rich and creamy yellow curry of chicken with aromatic kaffir lime leaves and pad thai will make you want more than just one night in Bangkok. For something new try the Crispy Tofu and Chilli Jam for fried tofu, seasonal vegetables in a mild red chilli paste and aromatic herbs.

Image above: Miss Pings

Classic go-to's

Rich in flavour, Cafe Gianni’s lasagne is the classic dish. slow cooked Bolognese sauce with cheese on layers of soft lasagne sheets. For a feel good dose of tender veggies and tomato sauce order the vegetarian lasagne. It's got nonna's name written all over it!

Image above: Cafe Gianni

Home made potato gnocchi at Mozza Pizzeria is everything you’d expect, light and fluffy. That's not even to mention the rich and sweet tomato sugo, mozzarella di bufala and fresh Basil.

Image above: Mozza Pizzeria

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Let's start with the burgers. Don't let the bitesize burgers fool you they are packed with flavour. Soft shell crab are now crawling onto all the hottest menus. The oishi mini soft shell crab burgers from Gyoza Goyza are crunchy, juicy with a hint of spice crammed in mini brioche bun. While you're there, choose up to 80 different tappas, try a plate of pan fried gyoza and edamame beans. To really turn up the heat order a sizzling pork belly that will make your tummy happy.

Image above : left, Goyza Goyza Japanese Izakaya Style Tapas Restaurant. Right, TGI Fridays

Image above: Goyza Goyza Japanese Izakaya Style Tapas Restaurant

Slurp worthy soups

Rounding up the quintessential soups is easy at Doncaster. When the weather drops a steaming bowl of pho from Mama Pho or a miso soup from Gyoza Gyoza will ignite your tastebuds.

For an authentic Cantonese style congee head to Wonton House. Only for July, they have the ‘golden’ congee, salted egg and paste congee with prawns, clams, baby scallops and crab meat to add the finer things in your bowl. For the ultimate accompaniment to congee dip in “youtiao” a Chinese donut sticks of deep-fried dough, perfect for dipping or just eaten on their own!

Image above: Wonton House

Hearty vegetables

This satisfying dish stirs up goodness and comfort. The pumpkin and spinach risotto from The Groove Train, is oven roasted chicken, mushrooms, semi-dried tomatoes, baby spinach, arborio rice & shaved parmesan. A comforting vegetarian and gluten free dish.

Image above: The Groove Train

How sweet it is

Feel like something in between? Cheese makes everything taste better and when it's three different types of time-honoured cheeses, freshly baked on-site daily, Hokkaido baked cheese tarts are a compelling proposition. Inspired by the distinct cheesy taste of Hokkaido dairy, and using a traditional recipe from Japan’s dairy heartland.

Image above: Hokkaido

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