Metalicus (Closed)

WHEN MELBOURNE DESIGNER MELMA HAMERSFELD BEGAN TO PLAY WITH STOCKING FABRIC IN THE EARLY 90’S, SHE CREATED A FASHION CONCEPT THAT WOMEN FELL IN LOVE WITH. HER SOFT, COMFORTABLE, FLATTERING BASICS FOLLOWED THE CURVES OF WOMEN’S BODIES, GIVING THEM FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT AND A SENSE OF CONFIDENCE. The Metalicus signature look is distinctive and unmistakable. Metalicus celebrates creativity with collectable pieces that can be layered together to create an individual style. Metalicus styles are smart, strong and beautiful like the women who wear them. At Metalicus we believe in delivering luxurious fabrics that combine fashion and function, comfort and performance, ensuring you never need to sacrifice functionality for style. We spend months researching yarns, washes and finishes to bring you technical fabrics that you can throw in the wash again and again, that stand up to the fullest days ensuring what you wear never stands in your way.

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