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Sephora: Skincredible, your skin's new bestfriend - AU

Have you been searching the highs and lows of the internet to find skincare advice that will really work for you? Well look no further! Meet your skin’s new best friend, Skincredible, by Sephora. Skincredible provides a solution to all your unanswered skincare questions like “What is my main skin concern?”, “Is my skincare regime really helping?”, “What serum or moisturiser should I be using?”. If you’d like to hear skincare advice that is 100% tailored to you—this is it.


Skincredible, By Sephora, is an exclusive in-store service using the Skincredible device that provides an insight into your skin, how it's really doing and what it needs. This breakthrough dermatologist-grade skin analysis device scans the skin’s surface to magnify and measure moisture, pores, fine lines and sebum. Rather than generic advice from a friend, Skincredible provides insights into your skin’s needs, identifies your top skin concern and provides personalised skincare recommendations based on the results.


First things first, we require some info from you. A Sephora beauty advisor or skin specialist will walk you through the in-app questionnaire to gather information such as your age, lifestyle factors like sleep and sun exposure, your current skin routine, skin concerns and brand preferences in order to provide the most accurate results.Next up! Let’s get scanning. The beauty advisor will use the Skincredible device to take three zoomed-in scans of your skin by holding the lens to your forehead, cheek and outer eye area. The analysis of these scans will provide an optical diagnosis of skin health by observing 4 key factors; pores, sebum, hydration, and lines/wrinkles.Now the best part! The Sephora beauty advisor will share your scan results and personalised product recommendations across 8 skincare categories: Makeup Remover, Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturiser, Eye Care, Sun Care and Mask. You can then design a skincare regime with one of our Sephora skin specialists, try the products in-store, ask questions and email yourself a copy of the results or recommendations for safe keeping.


Skincredible Consultations take place in all Sephora Australia and New Zealand stores and are conducted by our friendly Beauty Advisors using the Skincredible Device. The best part? Not only is this a complimentary consultation, but in just 15-minutes you’ll know more about your skin than ever before, obtain useful insights to your main skin concerns and a list of personalised skincare recommendations. No booking is required, walk-ins are welcomed in all stores.

Say goodbye to generic skincare recommendations from Google, or Tiktok and hello to a fully personalised service in-store at Sephora.

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