Lunar New Year: The burrow


Lunar New Year: The burrow

The Year of the Rat

Quick-witted, resourceful, and versatile, Rats quickly respond and adapt to their environments, so they can easily take advantage of various opportunities. They possess a strong sense of curiosity and an active nature, and they are meticulous about their work.

Rats are outgoing and enjoy making new friends, but they seldom further their relationships with others. Additionally, they can be picky, stubborn, and narrow-minded, and their lack of courage and command skills hinder their leadership capabilities.

The Burrow

Designed and made possible by the renown team at United Make; Mond Qu, Sonny Do and Sebastian Funke-Küpper. This interactive installation merges the Year of the Rat with the blooming flowers of Spring Festival.

The Burrow was inspired by the arch of the iconic mouse hole, the repetition of this opening creating an immersive space for customers to walk through to explore their Chinese Zodiac sign.

_Monday 13 – Thursday 30 January