A living fascinator DIY for Spring Carnival


A living fascinator DIY for Spring Carnival

It’s the perfect trackside accessory, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to colours and styles.


A headband
A small collection of flowers and greenery
Florist tape (available at most good florist shops


Collect yourself some fresh flowers; you can do this either at the florist or in your backyard. Make sure not to choose types that bruise easily. This little collection of flowers cost less than $10 in store at my local Westfield florist.

Split your flowers up into two groups and using the florist tape, make two posies, one a bit bigger than the other.

Trim the stems, so there is just enough length left to connect them to the headband.

Connect the posies, (the smaller one just below the larger) to the headband by wrapping the florist tape around them and the headband.

Style your hair and place the headband on top, or use some hairspray and tease the front of your hair gently to create volume at the hairline. Slide the hairband in to brush back your hair creating a volumous, retro hairband do.

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