Roti & Buns is open for business!


Roti & Buns is open for business!

They’ll make your roti right in front of you! It’s fascinating to watch.

Roti & Buns have set up shop at Westfield Chermside, and we can’t wait for you to try their delicious creations. Serving up a mixture of Malaysian and Hong Kong street food, they specialise in fresh, made-to-order roti, dumplings, curries and Chinese crepes.

Fresh, Flaky Roti

Roti canai is a delectable creation that quickly became very popular on the streets of Malaysia. The team at Roti & Buns are experts in creating the perfect roti, and we couldn’t be happier that this delicacy is available to Brisbane’s Northside now.
There is truly an art to whipping up a light, flaky, slightly chewy roti bread. So the part we love the best is that they’ll make your roti right in front of you! It’s fascinating to watch.

Handmade Dumplings

As well as twisting and twirling serves of roti bread in front of you, the chefs at Roti & Buns also display their handiwork with a selection of handmade dumplings. Our favourites on the menu are the golden buns, and the prawn dumplings. They’re fresh, light, incredibly tasty and ready in a few minutes.

Flavoursome Curries

As the perfect accompaniment to a crispy piece of roti bread, is a rich and flavoursome Malaysian curry. Packed with punchy Asian spices and fresh ingredients like chilies and coriander, these curries are authentic and delicious. Make sure you try their famous chicken curry.

The Reviews Are Amazing

The people of Brisbane are absolutely loving Roti & Buns. Here are some of the glowing reviews they’ve received over the past few months;
“Best chicken curry I’ve had in a long time and the roti is out of this world!”
“Second time we’ve been and we absolutely love it! Light, fresh, tasty and cheap!!”
“Cannot get enough of the prawn dumplings. So delicious!!”
“Like being back in Penang. Loved the curry and the best roti I’ve had in Australia”

Where You Can Find Them

Roti & Buns have set up shop in the food hall between Big W and Woolworths. Retailers you’ll find in the area include Starbucks, Acai Brothers, Burger Urge, Chermside Tavern and Roll’d.

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