The best new breakfast creations by our Chermside cafes


The best new breakfast creations by our Chermside cafes

"They take pride in slow-roasting their ragus overnight in mammoth pizza ovens from Naples, so their Italian beans are full of flavour."

Got Sunday brekky on your mind? Our Chermside cafes have been busy whipping up exciting new breakfast creations for you to try.

Hot Cross Bars at Shingle Inn

What’s a hot cross bar, you say? Shingle Inn have invented a clever twist on this Easter classic, made entirely from gluten-free ingredients. They come in salted caramel and traditional flavours, and they’re a perfect companion for your morning coffee. At the moment, you can pick up both from Shingle Inn Chermside for $10.50.

Italian Beans on Toast at Casa Cibo

If there’s one restaurant we’d trust to do an Italian bean ragu right, it would be Casa Cibo. They take pride in slow-roasting their ragus overnight in their mammoth pizza ovens from Naples, so you can be certain their Italian beans will be full of flavour. Served on crispy ciabatta toast, this will quickly become your new breakfast favourite.

Fruity French Toast at Caffe Cherry Beans

As part of their Summer menu, Caffe Cherry Beans have some exciting creations to share. The Fruity French Toast transforms a buttery croissant into two delicious slices of French toast. It’s topped with strawberry jam, maple syrup and plenty of fresh seasonal fruits. Think plums, strawberries, blueberries and orange. It’s a sweet tooth’s dream.

Potato Rostis at Café 63

Café 63 are doing an awesome specials menu for breakfast at the moment, and we were immediately drawn to the Emirates breakfast. This beauty comes with potato rostis, a poached egg, creamy mushrooms, bacon and grilled tomato. It’s filling and delicious.

Triple Bacon & Egg Roll by Gloria Jean’s

This creation by Gloria Jean’s is your typical bacon and egg roll – but with one important exception. It comes with layer upon layer of crispy, delicious bacon. Grab one with a famous Gloria Jean’s coffee for a cheeky morning pick-me-up.

New Frappuccinos at Starbucks

Starbucks are renowned for bringing out mouth-watering new frappuccino flavours on the reg, so what have they got for us this season? A caramel popcorn pretzel frappuccino, and a mocha cookie crumble frappuccino. They’ve also got a brand new cold brew coffee with vanilla sweet cream.

The Black Bowl at Coco Bliss

If the idea of triple bacon rolls and caramel popcorn frappuccinos is sounding far too decadent, why not try the ultimate detoxifier at Coco Bliss? Their black bowl contains acai, banana and coconut, with plenty of fresh fruits on top. But the crucial ingredient in this creation is charcoal – a natural toxin cleanser so powerful that Coco Bliss recommends not eating this bowl within 2 hours of taking medication. Sounds intriguing, huh?