The Laneway Series: embrace your inner goddess (or mermaid)


The Laneway Series: embrace your inner goddess (or mermaid)

Step into the effervescent, calming space that is Baby Lemonade and discover gorgeous pieces sourced with one goal in mind, to empower you.

Lining the store walls is Jaase apparel and swimwear, a label synonymous for producing highly ethical soft, boho prints. Beautiful, colourful homewares are sprinkled around the store, while tables are filled with shimmering mermaid oils, crystal face rollers, organic soy candles and sparkling rose water.

It is a space dedicated to wellness and positivity, with an extensive selection of ethically produced, unique items on offer.

We caught up with Baby Lemonade owner Caroline Cox to chat inspiration, vision, and the intriguing crystal emersion sparking rose water made under each full moon.

What was your inspiration behind the name, Baby Lemonade?

I always had a clear vision of what my store was going to be, and represent. I was actually with friends one night talking about store name options and my friend’s husband suggested Baby Lemonade, which was the name of a song written by the lead singer of Pink Floyd. Beyoncé had just released her incredibly empowering Lemonade album as well, and it just felt like the perfect fit!

Baby Lemonade supports various small, female owned businesses. Along with this, what do you look for when choosing suppliers?

I have a fairly limited number of suppliers. I believe in ethical production and consumption, and I work with like-minded suppliers. If products are being ethically produced, you are giving back to the community as a whole, which is very empowering. I look for products which radiate wellness and are non-toxic. What we promote in store is an authentic offer of 100% ethically produced products, which has been made possible due to our closely aligned partnerships.

“At the end of the day, everyone works so hard in their lives that if I can make a space for people to stop and take a moment to spoil themselves… then I have succeeded at what I wanted to do.”

Your store philosophy is focused on wellness and self-care. How does Baby Lemonade represent this and can you tell us about the Baby Lemonade tribe?

I literally live and breathe wellness and this is at the centre of Baby Lemonade. It’s how our products are made, the way I mentor my staff, and then the flow on of how my staff can help people choose items that make them feel absolutely amazing. I feel these flow on effects then extend out to their families, etc.

Although we are dealing in fashion, we are helping others and like to think of what we are doing as trading in conscious currency. All our products are created with love, are different, and limited in stock which makes them special and amazing. We are connecting people together, all the while staying true to our philosophy of wellness and self-care.

We use our Instagram platform to authentically connect with our tribe. Every image I post comes with a nurturing quote which I have carefully selected. This is a very thoughtful process which is done after meditation. We never pay for posts, this simply grows organically and connects with lots of people. I receive so many positive messages from our followers so it’s something that’s really important to me.

You have some very interesting products (such as the face rollers, ‘mermaid oils’, etc), what are some of your favourite unique items?

It’s so hard to only name a few! There are so many amazing, unique products in our store.
Our mermaid oils, for example, when applied with a crystal face roller acts as a wonderful lymphatic draining tool. It also allows you to take 10 or 15 blissful minutes to yourself at the end of the day. Plus, all the essential oils are certified as high grade organic oils.

The Commonfolk Collective candles in our store are also hand poured with soy wax and high grade essential oils, plus the girl who owns the business collaborates with artists for all the imagery on her candles. This is something that really connects with me because she is helping promote others, not just herself. Then there’s the Osun sparkling water, which comes in rose and lavender. The production of this water is an incredible process. The water is only formulated under the full moon every month with a 24 hr crystal emersion (rose quartz in the rose water, and amethyst crystal in the lavender water).

So embrace your inner goddess and spoil yourself with something truly unique and special from Baby Lemonade, located on Level 2 in The Laneway.

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