The perfect date night, from start to finish


The perfect date night, from start to finish

Planning your next date night, but not sure what you should eat or do? Well, take a seat. I've organised your night's menu from start to finish, so the only thing you have to do is call someone to mind the kids for the next few hours and enjoy a selfishly fun night to yourself.

First things first: dinner

Deciding what to eat with your significant other or friends can sometimes be a long and arduous task, especially if you're as indecisive as me. If you're wishing for a strong little angel on your shoulder to make all food-related decisions for you, let me help you decide. It's all about never-fail options, so whenever I'm in a state of war with my decision-making, I default to Asian food. My go-to favourite dishes are definitely dumplings if I feel like Chinese cuisine or Pad See Ew if I'm in the mood for Thai. A must-try for delicious Asian food is Kinn + Derm or Pho Vietnamese.

Now, if someone in your party is not a fan of Asian food, then a great back-up that is sure to please is either Italian or burgers. Go back to basics with pizza, pasta, burgers and mouth-watering fries. With a few options to choose from you should head over to Casa Cibo, Betty's Burgers, Grill'd or Burger Urge.

Catch the latest movie

Dinner is now sorted – yum! So, you spent some time organising baby and puppy sitters, or maybe you made that extra effort to actually get out of the house, so there's no way you want to go home already.

Now it's time to catch the latest movie hitting theatres. I'm a massive movie buff and could go to the movies at least once a fortnight! While at dinner, whip out your phone and check the movie sessions to catch the latest flick, whether it’s A Simple Favour, Crazy Rich Asians or Mission: Impossible – one of these is sure to please.

Can't miss dessert

I know what you're going to ask me now: "what if I have to wait a good hour before the movie starts?" Don't fret, my friend. There is nothing better than enjoying an ice cream cone, donut or waffle before hitting the movies and digging into all that popcorn. Get into something sweet before you start on savoury and remember this is a date night from start to finish – no holding back! Visit Gelatissimo or San Churro to enjoy a tasty post-dinner dessert.

Finish on a high note

So now your tummy is almost full, but you're still prepared to squeeze in that buttery popcorn, relax and enjoy a movie. Don't forget, if your date night started after 5:30pm and you entered the car park at or after this time, then your parking is free! How amazing is that! I told you this would be the perfect dinner date.

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