Made with love, by the Shingle Inn bakery


Made with love, by the Shingle Inn bakery

Established in 1936, Shingle Inn originally opened as a tea house and restaurant on Edward Street, Brisbane.

Instantly developing a strong reputation with locals, Shingle Inn became a busy landmark renowned for its all day menu, delicious coffee, high-tea, decadent sweet treats and famous cakes. As Shingle Inn expanded to over 50 locations nationally, these attributes have continued to delight customers for over 80 years.

Today, they continue to bake an array of traditional and innovative products from our exclusive bakery in Brisbane. The latest selection of products available in-store from the Shingle Inn Bakery include a decadent mini Chocolate Bundt Cake, grizzled in ganache and topped with berries as well as the ‘Mum’ sponge cake layered with strawberry jam and cream.

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