Valentine’s Day | Your dinner date night sorted


Valentine’s Day | Your dinner date night sorted

Not sure where to take your date this Valentine’s Day? Left it a little last minute? Not to worry, we’re here to help shorten your list with a few ideas, so you can put aside the age-old question of, “what do you want to eat?!”

Discover some of our amazing restaurants and casual dining options to have this Valentine’s Day with a variety of flavours to suit you. Be sure to make a booking ahead of time so you can reserve the perfect table for your dinner date night. Plus, don’t forget to sneak in a dessert or two to end the night on a high.

Here are some of our favourite spots to enjoy Valentine’s Day date night

Casa Cibo

Re-enact a scene from Lady and the Tramp over a delicious pasta at Casa Cibo.

El Camino Cantina

Put some spice into your date night with a trip to El Camino Cantina.

Landmark Restaurant (Yum Cha)

The sky is the limit with endless choices and fantastic friendly service at Landmark Restaurant.

BiN 931

A delicious feast awaits you and your beloved at BiN 931. While you are there, share a bottle from their amazing selection.

Little Singapore

Get an authentic oriental feast at Little Singapore.

Finish the night with a decadent dessert

San Churro

Nothing says amor like a delicous dessert from San Churro.

Cowch Dessert & Cocktail Bar

The options are endless at Cowch.


Finish off with an ice-cream cone and a stroll...

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