Colours to inspire, move and uplift


Colours to inspire, move and uplift

As humans, we are often drawn to the rich palette of nature’s beauty, the azure tones from the ocean, deep forest feels emanating every shade of green or the warm earthen hues endemic of the desert sand. Although a treat for the eyes how does this translate into well-being? And for that matter can we benefit from incorporating these expressions into our daily life.

Pictured left: Six Mini Famous Teas Gift Pack by Fortnum & Mason, Escape book by Thames and Hudson, nail polish by OPI, infinite shine by Fiji Collection, soap by Moar, crop top by Running Bare, Kora Organics By Miranda Kerr, volumising shampoo by Molton Brown, temple tree by Molton Brown, hand cream by The Aromatherapy Co. Pictured right: crop and leggings both by Running Bare.

My Top Color Picks for this Season.

Each season the people at Pantone release the Fashion Colour Trend Report; a colour overview highlighting the top colours fashion designers will be featuring in their collections.We can expect to see these colour trends appearing in all areas of design. I’m sure we can all remember the rise of Rose Quartz which was everywhere from furniture to shoes. When the world authority on colour Pantone releases the new colour predictions of the year we listen.

Little Boy Blue

Fashion- Add pops of blue to your neutral look or accessorize with statement pumps in this shade.
Wellbeing- Wearing blue helps promote calm and serenity.
Healing properties- Cooling, calms strong emotions of anger, aggression or hysteria. Brings forth tranquillity, anti-stress & soothes suffering.
Key Traits- Linked to the throat chakra Blue heals ailments associated with speech and communication.


Fashion- Matching activewear. Evening wear & accessories. Wanna turn heads? Wear this colour head to toe, for a dramatic entrance.
Wellbeing- One of the most healing of all the colors.
Healing properties- Green is the colour of Nature and the earth. It is balance and harmony in essence and possesses a soothing influence upon both mind and body.
Key Traits- peace, rest, hope, comfort and nurturing, life, calmness, and harmony

Pictured left: crop and leggings by Running Bare. Pictured right: leggings, towel and yoga mat all by Running Bare, Insulated Drink Bottle, flex supreme trainers by Nike.

Now is the perfect time to exercise in the great outdoors, whether it be running, cycling, swimming or even yoga the benefits are felt immediately. That feeling of the cool crisp air, the sun on your back and being surrounded by nature definitely improves one's mood.

Self-care isn’t just a mere indulgence it’s essential to your overall wellbeing. Refreshing tired old active-wear with particular colours will induce a calm balancing effect not to mention granting new found motivation. A known Side effect may also include looking ultra stylish at the smoothie stand.

Pictured Left: performance vest by CK. Pictured right: Quay Sunglasses

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