We Talk Sugar Free Foods with the Founder of Naked Foods


We Talk Sugar Free Foods with the Founder of Naked Foods

Georgina Ponzoni and her husband Cilque believe in the power of healthy eating. They're also passionate advocates of making smarter food choices to reduce waste in our society, hence the bulk-style shopping introduced by Naked Foods.

We chat to Georgina about her take on sugar free foods and her top tips for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Can you share with us your philosophy on healthy eating?
For me healthy eating is all about minimal processing. I believe in eating whole foods and eating organic. I also feel that along with healthy eating we need to be conscious about our lifestyle as this has a significant effect on food choices.

Do you advocate a sugar free lifestyle?
Not necessarily, I believe we need fruit in our diet and therefore their natural sugars. I do try to avoid highly processed sugars, however I love the saying ‘everything in moderation’.

Do you have any products that are great sugar alternatives? Or substitutes for unhealthy sweet foods?
We have a large selection of sugar alternatives or natural sugar based foods. For example we sell stevia leaf (the green, unprocessed type), lucuma, mesquite and xylitol which are all great cane sugar alternatives.
If you are on a strict sugar free diet then we do have some options such as our Protein paleo granola which has zero sweeteners. Or if you’re looking for something sweet we have a large selection of chocolates that are sweetened with coconut nectar and are also vegan.

Any favourite sugar free recipes you'd like to share?
We’re launching some great new recipes on our new website coming late April.

And lastly, what have been your most popular products so far at Chermside? Anything that runs out the door?
Yes! The roasted rosemary macadamias, veganola (roasted vegan granola), natural fruit salad mix and mylk chocolate covered cacao nibs (made with coconut milk and coconut nectar).

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