Back to school | Bento Box lunch inspo


Back to school | Bento Box lunch inspo

It's always a struggle to find inspiration for school lunches, but Bento Boxes make things a little easier.

Offering small samples of different foods, parents can mix things up and encourage kids to experiment with new foods while still letting them have their everyday, tried-and-true favourites.

With the final school term for 2019 upon us, we've collated the best Bento Box lunch ideas for inspiration!


The Bento Box ($39.95) from Smiggle gives kids the freedom to choose how much of any food they want to eat, but also puts parents in the driver’s seat by providing nutritious options that are out of the comfort zone (hello veggie sticks!).

The compartments allow you to get creative with dips, mini sandwiches or veggie or lentil chips with similar flavors and textures to their favourites potato chips.

If they can't see the packet, they won't know the difference!

Our suggestions: Boiled eggs, veggie sticks, popcorn, blueberries, pasta salad.


Kmart's version of the Bento is so affordable at just $5. It comes with a removeable and microwave safe soup/dip container and spoon.

The compartments are slightly bigger than your average Bento, so it's great for adult-sized lunches too.

With five compartments, you'll have plenty of healthy and nutritious options to choose from.

Our suggestions: Vegetable soup, hummus and carrot sticks, ham and cheese pinwheels, mixed berries.

Another great Kmart hack is to use a $1.50 ice cube tray as a DYI Bento Box.

Placing the silicone tray inside an airtight container keeps food portioned and separate. The smaller sections means there is no wastage.

This genius hack can also make great little snack boxes for weekend outings or to keep pre-portioned healthy snacks at your desk at work.

Our suggestions: Yoghurt covered sultanas, cucumber slices, cheese, rice crackers, meatballs.


Another affordable option is the Sistema To Go Bento Box (currently $7.50 on sale) at Coles.

Featuring a generous center compartment that can be split as desired with a moveable slide divider, a seal-tight yogurt pot and two smaller compartments with hinged lids for dips, spreads, nuts or raisins.

Our suggestions: Sushi, trail mix, Greek yoghurt with berries, French onion dip with celery and capsicum.


The Smash Bento Bite Lunch Box from Woolworths is currently $10 on sale (normally $20), and is the ultimate rubbish free solution.

With six individual compartments, it is designed to fit a variety of foods (including a whole apple or banana) and will cater to appetites of all sizes.

Our suggestions: A bagel, whole fruits, mini rice cakes, pretzels, corn on a cob.