The Laneway Series: peachy perfect stationery


The Laneway Series: peachy perfect stationery

Confetti coloured cards, bright bouquets of painted floral wildflowers, and delicate gold typography set the tone for Fox & Fallow’s stunning peachy perfect stationery pop-up store in Chermside’s Laneway.

In our opinion there’s nothing more exciting than beautifully crafted stationery, and for Fox & Fallow founders Janet Pogorelc and Darrell Kwong, their love for stationery and each other began many years ago in their country town of Mt Isa.

You and Darrell were high school sweethearts. Can you tell me about how you met and also your art / design background?

We actually met at Maths Camp in Year 10, started dating in Year 11… and the rest is history! We both grew up in Mount Isa, and then moved to Brisbane to attend uni where I studied graphic design and Darrell studied law and politics. We’ve grown up together and can’t really imagine what life would be like apart. We both worked in our different fields for about seven years until we finally got married (we were together about 12 years before we tied the knot!). It was here that we fell in love with weddings and decided to start a little side project called Fox & Fallow which started out as a wedding stationery and sign company.

We really loved how happy and excited everyone was when they were planning their wedding and it made the whole process so much fun. It was an amazing creative outlet where I could paint, draw and create beautiful artwork and typography. My day job was at a design studio and it was during a time where so many clients were shying away from print and everything was going digital, so it was wonderful to have a tangible beautifully printed product at the end.

You offer a broad range of beautiful stationery items, from cards and wedding stationery to timber boards. How did your product range evolve?

After starting our custom wedding stationery and signs, we launched our brand at a local wedding fair in 2013 called A Darling Affair. We were so new to it all that we didn’t even have a table and had to borrow one from the lovely organisers! They really gave us the confidence to get things started. I think that’s possibly the hardest part about starting a business - you really need someone to back you and say “you can do this”. We met a few brides and lots of other wedding vendors from photographers and dress designers to stylists, planners and cake makers and got involved in a bunch of styled shoots which helped build up our portfolio.

Over the next two years we created many wedding pieces and signs for brides and spent our nights and weekends chalking and painting. It was so much fun, but so much work! The brand evolved in 2015 when we decided to launch a line of paper goods at the National Stationery Show in New York. Unfortunately, we don’t offer the custom side anymore as it just got a little too busy with the wholesale and retail side but maybe we’ll be able to offer custom again in the future.

Fox & Fallow has had a very interesting journey thus far. Can you tell me more about exhibiting in NY and how this came about?

I’d always followed a beautiful paper blog called ‘Oh So Beautiful Paper’(OSBP) and they always featured round-ups of the National Stationery Show in New York. I was dying to go one day, so we used the money we’d earned from the custom wedding stationery and signs, booked a booth and some flights and just went for it! We hadn’t sold a single greeting card (let alone entering the wholesale space) before we stepped onto the floor of the Javits Center, but in true “fake it until you make it” style we managed to pull together a line of cards, notebooks, calendars and other paper goods and filled our booth.

Our first day was a very steep learning curve but we quickly worked through it and managed to score 30 orders from retailers in the US, and we just grew from there. The next few years we continued to expand the wholesale side of our business in the US. It wasn’t until 2017 that we started exhibiting shows in Australia and just this year (2019), we exhibited in New Zealand. Last year we were approached by Westfield with a space in the Laneway that was perfect, so we just jumped at the opportunity to try our store in a retail space.

With representation in over 1,000 retailers internationally, you seem to have conquered the world! What does the future hold for Fox & Fallow?

Our aim is to continue to grow and expand our brand, while continuing to keep creating beautiful things that people love. We’ve got some amazing new products that have just launched (and some exciting projects in the works) so stay tuned!

We just launched our new Wedding Planners at the Queensland Brides show in Brisbane and they were a huge hit. Our new Guest Books, Baby Books, Travel Diaries and the brand new Floribunda & Arcadia Collections will be in our Westfield Chermside store and selected retailers this week, so keep an eye out for when they drop!

Find your next piece of beautiful stationery from Fox & Fallow, located on Level 2 in The Laneway.

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