The Laneway Series: find your sparkle down Harper Lane


The Laneway Series: find your sparkle down Harper Lane

Timeless designs, intricate details, and glimmering gemstones. These are the pieces of Harper Lane Jewellery which set them apart from others.

Founders Nickki and Maddie came up with an idea to create a jewellery brand appealing to all ages, after deciding over several nights (and many cups of coffee) that it was time to combine their shared vision and passion.

The mother/daughter duo focused on creating quality, trending, and classic pieces for all ages, and it was a formula that has worked. Since launching from their living room at home, Harper Lane Jewellery has now expanded both instore and online, with the company also offering its customers an extensive range of jewellery services including custom creations, jewel sourcing, valuations, heirloom redesign and rhodium plating - to name a few.

Their handmade pieces are a glimmering array of top quality silver, gold, diamonds, semi-precious stones and pearls. If you’re looking to add a timeless, unique piece of jewellery to your collection, you’re sure to find it at Harper Lane Jewellery.

Find Harper Lane Jewellery on Level 2 in The Laneway.