Seema with Love

Stunning, unique pieces, all with an Australian focus.

Meet Seema With Love, a boutique offering an extensive range of handcrafted creations. Find your favourite scent in a delightful range of long-lasting, handmade soy wax candles; or treat yourself to organic, enzyme-rich skincare products packed with antioxidants.

The Hannah Shania range offers organic skincare tailor-made for young adult skin types, while the fashion line boasts a signature selection of delicate, white cotton dresses. Native Australian dried flower wreaths adorn the boutique’s walls, with various arrangements also available to purchase.

Seema With Love is located on Level 2 in The Laneway.

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Level 2

Located on Level 2 in The Laneway near the Cinemas

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Outdoor Dining Car Park located on corner of Gympie Rd & Banfield St