Mister Minit: Your Go-To for everything keys


Mister Minit: Your Go-To for everything keys

  • 17th Aug - 31st Dec

Often think 'Where are my car keys?', 'I should really leave a spare set with my parents.'

Mister Minit is your one stop shop for all things keys and engraving. With a range of services that can be done on the spot or available for pickup, see below how they can help ensure you're never left key-less:

Electronic Key Repairs

Most damage to a car key can happen during water damage, losing a transponder chip or scratching the circuit board due to a broken casing. All can leave your key non-operational which can be a hassle to fix. So don't get left stranded without a spare key:

  • Intergrated keys & remotes
  • Car key shell and housings
  • Proximity keys
  • Precision blade cutting
  • Car key battery replacement for most car and motorbike makes and models

Push to start/stop button

Did you know Mister Minit have expertise to program and huge range of push start button and proximity key fobs to your vehicles? Push button start and proximity keys are fast becoming popular in modern day vehicles.

Key replacements

Have you lost all car keys? Mister Minit offer an extensive range of car key makes and models.

  • 1 year warranty
  • Precision cutting and coding
  • Professional service and expertise

Car key and Remotes

Has your Car key or Garage remote stopped working? Mister Minit offer an extensive range of specialty batteries, they can even replace your battery while you wait!
All battery replacement services at Mister Minit come with an Energizer battery guaranteed for a year. Don't forget to be kidstafe and keep lithium button batteries our of reach of small children.

Key repairs and maintanence

Is your car key cracked or broken but remains functional? Mister Minit offer a large range of replacement Car Key Shells/Housings, if your outer car key has been damaged, the blade has broken off or your buttons worn over time. A replacement key shell might be a cost effective alternative, extending the life of your original key.

All services available 7 days a week on Level 1 near the Food Court.

See in store for full terms and conditions

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