L'OCCITANE: Recycling in Our Store


L'OCCITANE: Recycling in Our Store

L'Occitane en Provence, Level 1

In today's world, any responsible company has a duty to do all it can to reduce waste and prevent pollution. L’OCCITANE has been focusing on reducing, reusing and Recycling. L’OCCITANE aims to have 100% of our bottles made from recycled plastic by 2025. Currently, L’OCCITANE offers Eco-Refills for most our bestselling products. The Eco-Refills give a second life to your bottles and use 80%-97% less materials compared with standard containers.

This October, L’OCCITANE has a new member to our recycling family – the Almond Milk Concentrate Eco-Refill – one of our most loved products. In addition, L’OCCITANE also partners with Terracycle to encourage customers to bring their empty bottles to our boutiques to recycle and receive a 10% off for a similar product.

L'OCCITANE is committed to make the world we live in more beautiful, more human, more responsible. We strives to be ecologically innovative by using transformational technology to develop eco-friendly packaging. Refill, recycle and make the world better with L’OCCITANE.

L'Occitane en Provence


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