Matcha soft serve is now a thing and you can get it in Brisbane


Matcha soft serve is now a thing and you can get it in Brisbane

Motto Motto, Level 2

Matcha, our latest addiction, is being turned into an ice cream flavour by our favourite Japanese restaurant. Motto Motto, which in Japanese means ‘more, more’ serves up some wonderfully moreish and incredibly Japanese creations like seaweed salt fries, JFC (Japanese fried chicken) and its one-of-a-kind matcha soft serve.

Matcha rose to fame in 2016 for its vibrant colour and long list of health benefits. Different from green tea, matcha tea consists of powdered leaves rather than ones steeped in water, meaning that you’re ingesting all of their antioxidants and phytochemicals. Another distinctive feature of matcha is that it’s shade grown before harvesting, causing its bright green colour that’s almost too pretty to eat.

In the past year we’ve seen everything from matcha pancakes, matcha lattes and even matcha facemasks. Now, Motto Motto are brining matcha soft serve to Brisbane’s Northside and we absolutely can’t wait to try it. It’s a unique recipe from the beloved Japanese restaurant, which can be swirled with their vanilla soft serve for those seeking a more subtle matcha flavour. Fair warning, Motto Motto Chermside says the combination of rich, creamy ice cream and the refreshing flavour of matcha makes this stuff seriously addictive.

If you find yourself craving even more matcha after your soft serve, the matcha bubble tea at Tea Bar is one of the best in Brisbane. Or, if you’re thinking of experimenting with your own matcha creations, The Tea Centre sells gorgeous small tins of matcha. T2 also has a growing range of specialty matcha products – and even a matcha cookbook! Perfect as a birthday gift for a friend or for yourself.

Motto Motto