Brisbane Dessert Bucket List


Brisbane Dessert Bucket List

For all the sweet tooths out there, this Brisbane dessert bucket list will (hopefully) keep you busy for a couple of days weeks.

Bougatsa at Zeus

Since their debut in Brisbane a few years ago, Zeus has been bringing us all sorts of Greek delicacies. Haven’t heard of bougatsa yet? It’s a traditional Greek dessert where layers of buttered filo pastry are filled with vanilla bean custard and dusted with cinnamon and icing sugar. Biting into this light and airy dessert is like floating on a cloud amongst the Greek gods.

Concrete at Betty’s Burgers

Concrete is a rich and creamy custard ice cream, either chocolate or vanilla, with some truly delectable combinations of toppings. You can choose your own combination with options like Dello Mano brownie, spiced pecans and marshmallow sauce, but we prefer to trust the experts and opt for one of Betty’s recipes. Their lemon raspberry cheesecake concrete is topped with lemon curd, lemon zest, raspberries, New York cheesecake and graham crumble, and it honestly couldn’t be better.

A Peppermint Slice at Coco Bliss

This refreshing raw treat is high in healthy fats, minerals and antioxidants, making it a completely guilt-free indulgence. Eat it on its own or as a bowl topper on one of Coco Bliss’ delicious smoothie bowls.

Churros with Spanish Hot Chocolate at San Churro

For a truly Spanish affair, grab a plate of churros (which comes with a pot of melted couverture chocolate) and San Churro’s classic Spanish hot chocolate. This hot chocolate is much thicker than your average one, and it’s everything a proper hot chocolate should be. Settle down with your goodies in a cozy corner of San Churro to warm up on the coldest of Winter nights.

Maple Pancake Gelato at Gelatissimo

Gelatissimo have more than a few masterful ice cream flavours, but this one is definitely our favourite. The ice cream connoisseurs describe it as, ‘if breakfast and dessert had a love child’. In our eyes, this warrants picking up a scoop at any time of the day.

An Oreo Apple at Carcamo’s Gourmet Caramel Apples

This caramel apple from Carcamo’s is hand rolled in caramel and a mound of crushed oreo cookie pieces before being dipped in perfectly tempered white Belgian chocolate and more crushed oreos. The tartness of the apple and its rich chocolate coating make for a perfect combo, and given that this dessert is 80% apple, it’s healthy, right?

An Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich from The Sporting Globe

This dangerous creation by the folks at The Sporting Globe features Oreo cookies and cream ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate fudge biscuits and smothered with vanilla frosting. Best to eat a light dinner before tackling this beauty.

A Honeycomb Quakeshake at Donut King

Any flavour of milkshake (although we’d recommend chocolate) mixed in with a honeycomb crunchie bar. These Donut King quakeshakes are enormous, so grab two straws and make this dessert a date.

A Dark Chocolate Éclair at Savour

Chocolate lovers, this one’s for you. Savour Patisserie have bestowed upon us a chocolate éclair filled with dark chocolate mousse, and topped with chocolate glaze, chunks of brownie and gold chocolate pearls. This dessert is as beautiful as it is delicious, so remember to snap a picture before you tuck in.

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