Four new gelato flavours perfect for chocoholics at Gelatissimo


Four new gelato flavours perfect for chocoholics at Gelatissimo

Gelatissimo, Level 2

Gelatissimo has launched four special edition flavours as part of their luxurious DEATH BY CHOCOLATE range

First, we have CHOC CARAMEL FUDGE, a rich chocolate and caramel gelato sprinkled with dark chocolate flakes and swirled with an Australian award winning Heilala Vanilla Caramel. Heilala Vanilla is a made from hand-selected premium vanilla beans that undergo a unique three-month cold-extraction process. This gently draws out and preserves the delicate aromatics that makes it so delicious!

Then, we have ROCKY ROAD, a jam-packed chocolate and coconut gelato topped with gooey marshmallows, shredded coconut and roasted peanuts. It’s an iconic Aussie dessert hybrid, distinctive with its different flavours and textures. This is guaranteed to become the family favourite!

Then, we have WHITE CHOCOLATE & RASPBERRY, a white chocolate gelato with a raspberry coulis and white choc flakes. Our refreshing raspberry coulis is masterfully cooked with fresh raspberries to perfectly extract the sourness and sweetness of the fruit. This then delicately complements the white chocolate, achieving the right balance of flavour profiles!

Finally, we have CHOCOLATE MADE WITH LINDT, a pure chocolate gelato made with everyone’s favourite, Lindt chocolate. This is made with one of Lindt’s Swiss Premium Couverture Chocolate, a product of their innovative craftsmanship and special refinement process. It’s an unforgettable flavour that takes it one scoop further!

Available now for limited time only, while stocks last. Visit Gelatissimo Chermside today.




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