The weirdest chermside food items you’ll end up loving


The weirdest chermside food items you’ll end up loving

Chermside's Level 2 dining precinct has given the Northside an abundance of new cuisines and specialties to discover!

But with so many delicious Chermside food items on offer and nowhere near enough time to try them, we’ve put together a list of our favourite menu items that will take you by surprise.

Pina Asada

The wonderfully weird Pina Asada is every bit as exotic as its name suggests. It’s one of the Spanish desserts (postres) on the menu at Hermosa, and it features charred pineapple with citrus chilli caramel, topped off with sour cream ice cream. The combination of sweet, sour and spicy is not one you often see in desserts, but it’s what makes this sweet Chermside food an absolute winner.

Rice Bubble Prawns

Similar to coconut prawns, this seafood dish by Pho Vietnamese is simple, crispy and delicious. Grab a plate of three rice-bubble coated prawns as an entree before trying a signature bowl of Vietnamese noodle soup. Finish off with your choice of bubble tea for dessert and you’ll have yourself one delicious meal at Pho Vietnamese.

Seaweed Fries

Much like the rest of the fare served at Motto Motto, seaweed fries are a creative take on Japanese cuisine. These shoestring fries have a light but totally moreish coating of seaweed salt, making them a much more interesting alternative to everyone’s favourite side dish. The best part? You can try this wacky Chermside food for less than five bucks!

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